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  1. Abstract, International Journal of Economic Plants, 2019 The crown rot disease was recorded for the first time on strawberry Field from Hill Millet Research Station, Waghai, Gujarat state of India during 2017-2018. The diseased plants showed drying from the edge of the leaves. Dark lesion appears...
  2. 01-01-1981 The strawberry is a delectable fruit, highly prized by almost everyone. This book continues the effort to try to find ways to make it easier to grow in volume and make a good profit for the growers.
  3. 01-01-1972 This book was written to honor the founders of the Institute, and with the hope that it will be enjoyed not only by them but also by everyone who has ever sat down to the season's first fresh strawberries and found them delightful. The garden strawberry of today is traceable only to the...
  4. How to prevent Root and Crown Rot of Strawberry Avoid stress: Take runner tips at the right stage to avoid stress and make plants less susceptible Avoid extreme temperatures and water levels in rootzone Avoid overhead irrigation, since it seems to increase disease development Provide balanced...

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