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Abstract, Food Science and Food Safety, 2019

Pickling is one of the methods for preserving food. However, this term may refer to both types of products, that is, to those subjected to lactic acid fermentation and to marinated ones (acidified) that are usually produced by the addition of acetic acid. Various raw materials are subjected to lactic acid fermentation (vegetable and animal origin), which yields food products with high nutritional and dietary value. In many regions of the world, the process of lactic fermentation is also traditionally used to preserve fruiting bodies of edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are appreciated for their organoleptic qualities as well as the presence of many different bioactive substances exhibiting healing and health‐promoting properties. This article reviews the literature related to the use of lactic fermentation in the process of mushroom preservation. Particular attention has been paid to the aspects of the technological process and its impact on the quality and suitability of the final products. Moreover, research results concerning the influence of lactic fermentation on chemical and physical changes in fruiting bodies of edible fungi are also presented.