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Presented By: Dr. Tom Post

Event: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2017 (16-11-2017)

In this session we will explore how seven steps of learning design, “4 A’s” for designing learning activities, and taking account of cognitive domains and learning styles can energize the farmer-teacher interaction.  The ideas we will use in this session are based on the teachings of Jane Vella (Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach) and trainings offered by Global Learning Partners. World Renew practitioners have been experimenting with these ideas for over 15 years.

Presenter - Dr. Tom Post is currently the Regional Team Leader for World Renew in Asia, focusing on Bangladesh, India, Laos, and Cambodia. He has worked for the Peace Corps in Belize, in bilingual education with the Grand Rapids Public Schools and for World Renew in Honduras, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, and Kenya. Dr. Post has worked in a range of tropical agricultural environments: from semi-arid in Mexico and Kenya, to humid-tropical in southern Belize and Laos. He did his Ph.D. research in Belize on soil fertility restoration with legume cover crops and farmer experimentation/learning. Dr. Post has a B.A. in Biology and Secondary Education, a M.A. in Bilingual Education, a M.S. in Agronomy and Certificates in Latin American Studies and Tropical Agriculture, and a Ph.D. in Development Studies.