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Food preservation has become a part and parcel of the life of a common man. Food preservation is inevitable owing to many reasons. Some foods such as fruits and vegetables are available in specific seasons and not in others, while other foods are more abundantly available in some season than in others. In some places there is a surplus production of a food product, whereas in other places there is an inadequate supply. Foods can also be perishable (likely to decay or go bad quickly) and semi-perishable including juicy fruits, vegetables, mangoes, tomato, papaya and many more, which very quickly get spoilt. Consequently, civilized men adopted certain techniques to preserve such seasonal foods intact for later use. Today, food preservation is very important to fulfil the food supply needs of a developing country like India. It also ensures that the food is available and its supply is maintained at all times. Furthermore, problems like food shortage or famine can also be avoided.