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Edible portion: Seeds, Gum, Roots

A straggling spreading shrub. It keeps its leaves throughout the year. It can grow up to 2-8 m tall. It can spread to 4 m across. The branches are angular and hairy. The bark is smooth and grey. The leaves (phyllodes) are grey green and silvery white. They are carried one after the other along the stem. In wetter locations the leaves are larger and darker green. They are 10-18 (-25) cm long and 1-2 (-9) cm wide. They have 2 or 3 clearly seen veins. These veins run along the leaf and join towards the base. The tip of the leaf has a thick sharp point. The flowers are yellow spikes 3-6 cm long. The flowers are slightly scented. The pods are produced in tight clusters. They are twisted and curled when mature. They are 3-5 cm long by 0.2-0.5 cm wide. The seeds are small and black. Where the seed is attached to the pod it is yellow or red.

It is a tropical plant. It grows in the Kimberleys in Western Australia and also in Queensland. It is often along the edges of streams. It is a tropical plant but adapts to sub tropical places. It is damaged by drought and frost. It often starts the re-growth when an area is cleared. It needs a sunny position. It grows in areas with annual rainfall between 230-2250 mm. It usually grows below 300 m above sea level. It grows in areas with annual average temperatures between 20°-29°C. It can grow in arid places.