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LEGS is underpinned by a livelihoods approach and is based on three livelihoods objectives:

  • Providing immediate benefits to crisis-affected communities
  • Protecting the livestock-related assets of crisis-affected communities
  • Assisting the re-building of key assets among crisis-affected communities

LEGS has a global scope and focuses on the process of identifying needs and analysing which interventions are most appropriate to support the livelihoods of the affected populations, at which times, and in which emergencies. LEGS recognizes that climate change is resulting in more complex and unpredictable types of disaster.

Hence guidance on options (‘decision-making trees’) forms the basis of the main sections, with references to where detailed technical guidelines and other materials may be obtained. The key technical areas covered within the three livelihoods objectives are: destocking, veterinary care; supplementary feeding; provision of water; livestock shelter and settlement; and provision of livestock or restocking

12 Issues in this Publication (Showing 11 - 12)

LEGS Tools to Design a Response Plan - 20-03-2018

LEGS provides a response plan that guides you through effective ways to use the LEGS Handbook. Information in the Response Pan includes reviewing the summary of options, reviewing advantages and disadvantages, reviewing the timing table, working through a decision tree, and using standards, key actions, and guidance notes to design a response. 

LEGS Evaluation Tool - 20-02-2013

New 2016 edition based on the LEGS Handbook 2nd edition

This Evaluation Tool can assist organizations to evaluate how LEGS was used during a project - in other words, to what extent did a project follow the LEGS core standards, and the specific standards for different technical interventions (destocking, veterinary support, ensuring feed supplies, provision of water, livestock shelter and settlement, and provision of livestock)? The Evaluation Tool has two main components:

  • Evaluation Indicators
  • A simple scoring of indicators


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