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Connecting practice and research

ISSN 1755-1978 (Print) | 1755-1986 (Online)

Since 1990, Enterprise Development & Microfinance (EDM) has offered practice-based insights into the role of markets, enterprises and financial services in reducing poverty and stimulating economic development. This peer-reviewed journal, at the interface between research and practice, publishes papers written by researchers for the benefit of practice and those written by practitioners to inform research and policy. EDM encourages critical thinking on how market systems can be more inclusive and sustainable, with concrete implications for designing, implementing, and evaluating business support programmes. EDM is essential reading for practitioners, researchers, donors, policymakers, and finance specialists engaged in market-related activities involving poor people in the global South. 

The coverage includes but is not restricted to:
• Financial inclusion (inclusive financial services and products)
• Emerging financing models (impact investment, responsible finance, social lending)
• Value chain analysis and development
• Inclusive business models
• Equity (gender, youth, marginalized) in access to financial services and value chains
• Political and regulatory framework for SME development and financial services
• ICT for business development and financial services
• Sustainability standards 
• Advisory services for SMEs
• Impact assessment