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The primary focus of E.D. Notes, as well as of ECHO, is on items (1) for direct use or consumption on the subsistence farm and (2) with potential as a cash crop or small business for those with few resources. We trust that they will

  • Offer you new ideas, information and opportunities
  • Inform you of what your colleagues are doing in other parts of the world.
  • Suggest ways from time to time in which you can collaborate with us in selected experiments.
  • Share the results of your experimentation with others.

Introduction To The Echo Development Notes 

Apples In Warm Climates?

Tropical Fruit In General

Sorghum For Fuel

Strawberries As A Cash Crop In The Tropics?

Potato Seed

African Bee Hive  [editor - and Moringa]

Can Cooking Fuel Be Made From Low-Grade Biomass By Appropriate Technology?

Garlic And Onion As Cash Crops?

New Method For Terracing