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Uploaded on Jul 28, 2008

Growing a fig tree in your backyard would have to be one of the most rewarding fruits to grow that there is especially in the taste department. They can be eaten dried, roasted, stewed, preserved but best of all fresh off the tree. They are a fruit that has a very small shelf life so it is often very difficult to find them in the supermarket. Their large leaves are very attractive and can give your backyard a mediteranian feel. In winter it will lose most of it's leaves especially in colder climates where once established they can handle quite a large frost. If you have restricted space then they will thrive in pots just as long as you have a high quality potting mix and a nice sunny position for them. Figs love the morning sun because over night mildue will cover the leaves which cause it to get fungal diseases so the morning sun helps to dry it out. One advantage of growing them in pots is that you will actually get less leaf growth and more fruit. This is because of the root restriction.