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Amaranthus spp. is an annual, erect herb (up to 1 m tall) grown for its edible leaves Leaves grow up to 8 cm in length and are present in an alternate arrangement along the stem.  Small flowers are borne on slender spikes within inflorescences up to 12 cm long. Fruit are small, compressed, oval-shaped seeds (1 mm in diameter) and glossy black in color.

Greenleaf R108

This edible leaf amaranth from Taiwan has green leaves. (A. tricolor)


This edible leaf amaranth has green leaves with red stripes. (A. tricolor)

Tigerleaf R135

This edible leaf amaranth has green leaves with red stripes. Tigerleaf was the best performing vegetable amaranth in an ECHO observation trial in Florida. (A. tricolor)

Jamaican Callaloo

 'Jamaican Callaloo' is a common dooryard variety of green leaf amaranth (A. viridis).

Chiang Mai Red

Red leaves.

Chiang Mai White

Green leaves with white stems.