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In the case of the Low-Cost Polyethylene Tube Digester model which is applied in Bolivia (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Centro America and Mexico), the tubular polyethylene film (two coats of 300 microns) is bended at each end around a 6 inch PVC drainpipe and is wound with rubber strap of recycled tire-tubes. With this system a hermetic isolated tank is obtained (figure td1 ).

Picture td2: Winding In-/Outlet Tube Digester
Low Cost Polyethylene Tube Digester Scheme.jpg

Figure td1: Scheme of Low-cost Polyethylene Tube Digester.One of the 6" PVC drainpipes serves as inlet and the other one as the outlet of the slurry. In the tube digester finally, a hydraulic level is set up by itself, so that as much quantity of added prime matter (the mix of dung and water) as quantity of fertilizer leave by the outlet.
Because the tubular polyethylene is flexible, it is necessary to construct a "cradle" which will accommodate the reaction tank, so that a trench is excavated (picture td3).