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Abstract, International Journal of Waste Resources, 2018

In municipal centers of developing nations, most households are served by means of on-site public health systems like septic tanks as well unsewered toilets, besides the faecal sludges gathered from these methods are usually discarded unprocessed into the city and peri-urban environment which posing great dangers to water resources and municipal health. Contrary to wastewater administration, the development schemes to handle faecal sludges that can adapt to the prevalent situations in unindustrialized nations, have long been deserted. The authors outline the existing situation and converse on certain novel issues of faecal sludges management like the Omni Processor, reinvented toilet, Solar-Powered Poop Blaster, Power of pee prototype; Self contain toilet and sewage system, Duke's Community Stand-alone waste facility and Nano- membrane toilet or waterless toilet. At the completion cusp, cities can think about substituting sewer systems with more ecologically friendly devices.

Keywords Sludge management; Omni Processor; Bill gate foundation; Nigeria