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Presented By: Andry Lim

Event: Asia Pacific Sustainable Agriculture & Community Development Conference (07.02.2018)

Speaker Bio: Andry Lim is the Founder of Tribal Mission Foundation International Inc in 1986 that conducted Development Programs among the Indigenous people in Mindanao.  He is the manager and family farm consultant of 30 hectare farm located in Joaquin Biao, Calinan District, Davao City and the New City Commercial Center (NCCC) Davao City.   Andry attended a Seminar on Natural Farming in 1997 conducted by Dr. Cho Hayn Yu a Korean Natural Farming Specialist who was invited by a Korean Missionary to Davao.  Since then Mr. Lim has become an active practitioner and advocate of the Natural Farming Technology in the Philippines.  For his contribution, he was awarded the Secretary’s Award for Outstanding Organic Agriculture Initiative by the Department of Agriculture during the 6th Organic Congress in October 13-15, 2009.  He and his wife Jojie Gamboa Lim have conducted seminars on Natural Farming across the country.  

Abstract:  The Korean Natural Farming Technology was introduced to the Philippines in 1997.  Since then, the collection, production, and utilization of Indigenous Micro Organism is being used in many places in the Philippines.  The technology has even been a basis and reference for creating a module for Organic Farming courses.  The successes and challenges using this technique particularly in various farms in Davao will be presented.