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PlantVillage is a research and development unit of Penn State University that empowers smallholder farmers and seeks to lift them out of poverty using cheap, affordable technology and democratizing the access to knowledge that can help them grow more food.

The rich countries of the world were once populated by smallholder farmers who practiced subsistence agriculture and suffered massive yield losses due to diseases and pests. An iconic example are the Irish of 1847. But in 2017 Ireland was recognized as the most food secure nation in the world.

Today, 171 years later the situation for many farmers in Africa is no different to that of the Irish of 1847. But today the world has amazing technology from AI to drones to mobile phones. The world also has a lot more knowledge of growing more food. At PlantVillage we aim make this available to smallholder farmers.

The PlantVillage solution

PlantVillage has developed a triple A model (Algorithmic Agricultural Advice) that works to increase the yield and profitability for millions of farmers. It is our goal to reach hundreds of millions in partnership with an ecosystem of farmer facing organizations and the farmers themselves. Our algorithms come from our integration of AI, satellite technology and our unique field force (the Dream Team). Once a farmer inputs 3 critical details (crop type, location, planting date) the algorithms within the PlantVillage engine can send out advice via smartphone, SMS, TV or real world social networks.