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  1. Key Resource 01.10.1998 Third Edition [library also has 2 copies of the 1975edition] People interested in tropical gardening or botany will find this an indispensable guide to several hundred species of plants with edible leaves. Leaves can provide high-quality food, and in the tropics, many are from perennials...
  2. The Perennial Agriculture Institute has published a new resource by Eric Toensmeir (2022) entitled Trees with Edible Leaves. This free, downloadable book includes over 100 cultivated species of perennial plants. Tonesmeier first introduces the value, geographic distribution, and versatility of...
  3. Some are used as vegetables Some for flavouring Some are used to make tea drinks They are added to soups and stews Usually it is the young leaves that are used Often a mixture of leaves are eaten together Normally cook all leaves to remove bacteria and destroy poisons like cyanide

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