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Presented By: ECHO staff

Event: 2nd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium (01.03.2016)

ECHO engaging in pastoralist initiatives

  • When I joined ECHO in 2012 I had just worked in a project disseminating food security initiatives in 48 villages in northern Tanzania.
  • We discovered some stark realities facing pastoralist communities; they were by far less food secure than agro-pastoralist communities and agricultural communities.
  • A baseline study of 7 villages, done by Savannas Forever, a research engine connected with UMN

On most dimensions the seven villages cluster into two groups:

  • predominantly agricultural with access to water, higher food security, more prosperous and more educated.
  • predominately pastoralist, located in drier microclimates, poorer            nutrition indicators, lower food security and suffered more severe     livestock losses during droughts which have been more frequent in past decade.