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This book is for anyone who keeps animals and for people who help, advise or teach others who keep animals.

The book aims to help you to keep healthy animals - or help others to keep healthy animals - in places where there is no vet or veterinary services are not easily available. It also helps you to work out what is wrong with an animal and tells you what to do about it. It will help you to talk to veterinary and other animal health services. If you understand diseases and treatments better you will find it easier to work together with others to keep animals healthy and to ask for better animal health services.

People keep animals in many different ways, in houses or out on open rangeland, for example (see p. 2). People who keep animals out on open rangeland can do things such as moving their animals a long way to different pasture that more settled farmers cannot do. The book gives examples of ways to treat and prevent disease in different places so that you can find one suitable for your area.