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Goat farming in Zambia is set to grow in importance with huge demand from Saudi Arabia, which desires to import one million Zambian goats annually. But at the moment, Zambia only has about four million goats - and that's not enough to meet the new demand.

Goats don’t require a high initial investment in comparison to other livestock in Zambia. This is great for those contemplating to go into Goat farming as a business or those Goat farmers that wish to expand their herds; to take advantage of the business opportunity that Saudi Arabia presents.

Goats are hardy and easier animals to look after, which can survive under harsh environments. Goats are reared under extensive farming conditions, mainly for meat and to a lesser extent for milk. To some extent productivity of these goats is low due to various factors such as high kid mortality and lack of good animal husbandry practices. Goats also provide skins of commercial importance and manure for gardens (and crop fields). In other parts of the world goats are kept for their wool (mohair).