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Published: 19/04/1996

NEEM SEED SHELF LIFE is generally very low; seeds may not germinate after 3-4 weeks in storage. The Green Gold International seed company (EDN 51-3) recently wrote us of their method for extending the viability of neem seed. “As you know, neem seeds lose their viability quickly if they are swept from the floor. We collect the seeds right from the tree which maintains better seed keeping quality. …The shelf life of the neem seed can be improved if green drupes with slight yellow tinge are collected right from the tree, depulped quickly through running water, dried slowly in the shade, then stored at low temperature (4°C) after treating with fungicide. In this way the seed life can be improved up to 7-8 months.”

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ECHO Staff 1996. Neem Seed Shelf Life. ECHO Development Notes no. 52