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Program options

Together we can create a better context for local livestock farmers to thrive and prosper. Here's how:​

Include FeedCalculator in your current programs and learn farmers how to make their own quality feed from local resources. We designed a 'SELF-MIX FEED Training and Trial' to make farmers familiar with the app. It allows them to establish a simple pilot at their farm and test FeedCalculator. During the pilot they feed half of their animals with the usual feed while providing their self-prepared FeedCalculator mix to the other half. After 6 weeks the farmers will be able to see and measure clear differences in animal growth and feed costs. 

Do you run a livestock program and is affordable feed a challenge for farmers? Collaborate with us and learn farmers how to make their own feed.
Is your animal not listed? Ask us for opportunities to expand the app to other animal species like sheep, goat and catfish.
Or become a research partner and support our search for other crop residues which can be used for livestock feed. Our team of feed experts is ready to work with you and address your questions in a tailormade program.


  • Farmers experience a clear reduction of feed costs while the weight of their animals is equal or higher.This creates trust.
  • NGOs can clearly measure the income increase of the farmers due to the database of the app.
  • The learning-by-doing approach makes farmers quickly familiar with the FeedCalculator app and feed mixing.
  • The app is compatible with farmers smartphones and provides them access to the latest feed insights.
  • Programs are highly scalable due to the train-the-trainer component and easy to implement.