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 Weeds have always been expensive pests; estimates for total weed losses in the US are always in the billions of dollars.  With the modern developments and the increasing prices of land, these costs are ever climbing.  This makes the low cost weed control methods of today very attractive to farmers, and herbicide production provides mute evidence for their popularity.  Starting a a minor level 15 years ago, herbicide manufacture has risen to a total of about 100 million pounds per year in the US.  This is probably the fastest growing business on record.  What sorts of chemical compounds are these herbicides?  What sorts of chemical compounds are these herbicides?  What is the nature of their effects on plants?  What is their impact on agriculture and on modern urban life?  And what is their future?  These are questions that interest a great number of people.  Many of the answers will be found in the following chapters.

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