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Edible Portion: Leaves, Flowers, Pods, Seeds, Vegetable, Caution

An annual herb. It grows to 0.6-0.9 m. It has a long tap root. It is erect and somewhat hairy. It usually has purple stems. The leaves occur one after another along the stalk. The leaf stalk is long. There are 5-7 leaflets which are unequal and spread out at the end. They are oblong and about 2.5-6 cm long by 1.4-3.2 cm wide. The leaflets are pointed at the base and a rounder near the tip with a rounder point at the tip. There are fine teeth along the edges of the leaves. The flowers are white or purple They occur in long flower clusters at the end of branches. These are 30 cm long. The flower clusters are showy with white or purplish flowers and a spidery like appearance. The fruit are a slender capsule with 2 valves and with many small seeds. They are 5-10 cm long and very narrow. The seeds are kidney shaped and rough. They are brown and have fine lines along them. They are 1 -1.5 mm across.