1. This details how affordable technology is available to scale up rice fortification. 90 pages, illustrations
  2. A variety of physical, chemical, and biological control methods have been suggested by various authors for each of these purposes.
  3. This book fully describes small-scale processing and storage methods for root crops, particularly taro, sweet potato, and yams. The authors emphasize methods of handling and preserving the crops that require little in the way of energy or technology, and they discuss traditional methods of...
  4. 1964-01-01 The main function of the Handbook is to give AID agricultural technicians, Peace Corps personnel, and other workers concise methods of economically producing horticultural crops in the Tropics. It is to assist them in helping the farmer produce food crops more efficiently and improve his standard...
  5. Key Resource This book provides an understanding of the technical and managerial aspects of seed production and supply with particular reference to tropical conditions, which are inherently more challenging than thsoe of temperate environments. Available as a French download.
  6. 2013-01-01 This is the 2013, 2014 annual report for the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics. 55 pages, photos
  7. 1966-01-01 This study is wholly devoted to an examination of this one element of tropical agriculture in southeastern Asia and in a part of the island world of the southwest Pacific. The present analysis attempts to bring together the work of many scholars in many disciplines using as background...
  8. 1989-09-01 The intent of this book is to create better vegetable gardening practices, not only in Haiti but in other places with hot climates. 49 pages, illustrated.
  9. This publication discusses how to design a patio garden and what plants to use. 8.5 x 11, self published. No pagination.
  10. 1995-01-01 This publication teaches about growing plants in your garden, and while you may love to grow plants that are pretty, this book emphasizes plants that are good to eat. You can grow plants to eat, and it's like having magic at your fingertips. Self-published, 8.5x11, no pagination.