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By: Rick Burnette

This article is from ECHO Asia Note #2

SRI Practical and AV Material Webpage

With regard to SRI, the previously mentioned "SRI Homepage/System of Rice Intensification", a joint collaboration of Association Tefy Saina and CIIFAD, offers a wealth of SRI-related material, particularly on its "SRI Practical and AV Material" page . The SRI instructional and presentation material accessible on this page include print documents as well as slides (e.g., PowerPoint) and videos. Besides information in English, French and Spanish, materials are also offered in various Asian languages.


Downloadable English documents include How to Help Rice Plants to Grow Better and Produce More: Teach Yourself and Others, the original SRI manual developed jointly by C IIFAD and Tefy Saina. Additionally, SRI - Achieving More with Less: A New Way of Rice Cultivation, offers a well illustrated overview of SRI. Among Asian language manuals available on the same page is a Thai SRI publication (Thai SRI manual) compiled by the Agricultural Extension Unit at the McKean Rehabilitation C enter in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Also available is an Indonesian language PDF file, Menembus Batas Kebuntuan Produksi: Cara SRI dalam budidaya padi, as well as SRI manuals in various South Asian languages, including Nepali, Oriya, Telugu and Tamil.

Slide Presentations

For added visual effect, several SRI-related slide presentations may also be downloaded via the "SRI Practical and AV Material" webpage. These include CEDAC's experiences with SRI: 2000-2007 by Dr. Yang Saing Koma and Increasing Water Savings while Raising Rice Yields with the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), by Dr. Norman Uphoff. Another slide presentation entitled System of Rice Intensification - Less Can Be More, by A. Satyanarayana and Acharya N.G Ranga of Agricultural University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, India, can be viewed online.


SRI videos, accessible via websites (sometimes requiring Flash Player) or though YouTube links, are also available on this website. Various offerings include:

  • Systeme de Riziculture Intensive- Cambodge: Le riz du l'espoir, a French language video on the Tefy Saina website .
  • SRI and SVA, which offers images with English text about SRI practices promoted by the Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan (Campaign for Participatory Development) organization in western Orissa, India.
  • Rice Intensification, a Kannada language video (produced by Digital Green), which compares SRI with conventional paddy production in Maraladoddi, Karnataka, India.
  • Alternative Rice Planting Method Key to Self-Sufficiency, a Tagalog language video about SRI in the Philippines (note: scroll down through blog to get to video).
  • Living Labs Mekong River Basin, an English language video on YouTube about SRI and rice production in Thailand produced by TVE Asia for the CGIAR Challenge Program for Water and Food.

ADRA New Zealand SRI Videos

Finally, Tom Post, with CRWRC , recently recommended a series of three very watchable English teaching videos produced by ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) New Zealand about SRI in Indonesia.


The SRI Group, "SRI Practical and AV Material,", Copyright  2006 Cornell University

Tom Post, e-mail communication, May 5, 2009.