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EDN #157 Now Available 2022-10-02

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Bioliquid Fertilizer Update

Tim Motis and Stacy Swartz


Another factor to consider when diluting is the stage of the crop. Young seedlings are more sensitive to leaf burn caused by high salts than more established plants and therefore require more dilution (to lower the amount of BLF in relation to water) early on. Plants entering reproductive stages (flowering and fruiting) require less macronutrients than they did during vegetative stages (leaves and stem growth). After flowering, you could decrease or halt application of the fertilizer entirely.

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‘Asia Cayenne’: A Mild-Tasting Chili Pepper

Capsicum annuum includes many varieties of chili and sweet peppers, with wide diversity in fruit size, shape, color, and flavor. Cayenne peppers are typically long and thin in shape. As a chili type, most cayenne varieties a...

Considerations for crop selection

ECHO often receives questions about crop selection as network members start new agricultural initiatives or enter a new area. Each agroecosystem is complex and should be evaluated for production, environmental, and socioecon...

Tithonia and neem fermented liquid for termite control

Tithonia is known for its high nitrogen content, palatability as a livestock forage, and rapid growth throughout the tropics and subtropics. Network member Tim Tanner has also experimented with using it, as well as neem, to ...

Bioliquid Fertilizer Update

Bioliquid fertilizer (BLF; also known as organic liquid fertilizer) is popular within ECHO’s network and among smallholder farmers around the world. This fertilizer is easier to make than other on-farm amendments such as com...

The Fertilizer and Seed Recommendations Map for West Africa

This interactive tool delivers “agro-input packages” based on parameters that users can select to describe their production system. Users can input West African towns, countries, or select regional climate (arid, sumi-arid, ...

L'Agroforesterie Agrodok-series No. 16

Chaque année, Agromisa reçoit de nombreuses demandes d'informations au sujet de l'agroforesterie des personnes et des institutions dans les pays du Sud.  Le besoin d'information pratique sur ce sujet est donc clairement sent...

Mesures de Topographie Pour Le Genie Rurale

Cette Brochure est destinée à ceux qui s'intéressent, pour quelque raison que ce soit, aux techniques de mesure liées aux "consturctions et bâtiments" dépassant le cadre de celles qu'applique un charpentier.  Ils sont censés...

Cover Crops in West Africa/ Contributing to Sustainable Agriculture, (Plantes de Couverture an Afrique de l'Ouest) English and French

This publication focuses on the potential of cover crops to maintain and improve soil fertility in SSA.  Often in isolation, African researchers have experimented with cover cropping, but the results have not been readily ac...

A field manual for water lifting and management in small-scale irrigation systems in Niger

This manual has been developed primarily for small-scale irrigated "microsystems," which are usually characterized as single-source/single-user systems.  It is targeted primarily at extension and agricultural service agents,...

La Mecanisation Agricole Appropriee, Une reference pour des Agronomes et Agriculteurs Haitiens

Le bout primordial de la mécanisation agricole est l'augmentation du revenue de l'agriculteur.  Si une telle augmentation se réalise cela dépendra de l'activité mécanisé choisie et le niveau de technologie employé.  Si on ch...