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EDN #153 Now Available 2021-10-04

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Moringa Productivity with Legume Intercropping

Tim Motis


People often ask how much leaf powder to expect from their moringa trees. Table 1 shows the sum of our two harvests during each year. During the second year after seeding, with no legumes, the moringa trees produced a total of 76 g/tree of leaf powder, the equivalent of 255 kg/ha. That means that, during a second year after seeding, 1 ha of a moringa planting like ours can produce a year’s worth of leaf powder for 139 people consuming 5 g of powder per day. Witt (2013) provides the nutritional content for 5 g (15 mL or 1 tablespoon by volume) of moringa powder, an amount described as a realistic serving size. 

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