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Ethnologue is a global voice. We exist to help you understand more about the people of the world, and how each language community is distinct. Whether you’re conducting a comprehensive research project or simply want to know more about a single language, Ethnologue makes it easy for you to achieve your goals by…

…providing clarity.

Ethnologue gives you insight into each of the world’s nearly 7,500 known languages — whether used daily by over a billion people or existing only as a memory of cultural heritage. The documented number is in constant flux because languages are living and dynamic. They constantly evolve as the communities that use them are shaped and influenced by our rapidly changing world.

…inspiring informed action.

Over 40% of languages are endangered, but for those who speak or sign them, they are just as important as the world’s most widely used languages. The languages we speak or sign are at the very core of our human identity and are integral to our ability to flourish in life. In a constantly shifting global language landscape, Ethnologue provides the information you need for advocacy, development and research.

In a world with such a diversity of languages, we believe no one should be kept from thriving because of the languages they speak or sign. Our team works with an extensive network of partners rooted in local communities worldwide to bring visibility to the global language landscape. Our mission is to equip you with critical data and insight into the world’s languages as you take action that promotes human flourishing through education, linguistic research and more. Our vision is to see measurable impact on minority language communities as a direct result of research and efforts informed by Ethnologue data.

…presenting the whole picture.

Ethnologue is a catalog of the ‘metadata’ of language — information about how languages are used around the world, who uses them, where and for what purpose. We are the most trusted reference work on the language ecologies of the world, utilized across a broad range of disciplines. We serve top universities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, commercial companies, as well as curious individuals. With such diverse user needs, the bar is set high to ensure that you can apply our insights to your specific context.