503 vitu vilivyopatikana (Inaonyesha 41 - 50)
  1. Gum Eucalyptus longifolia

  2. Cauliflower Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

    Cauliflower is a cruciferous crop (cabbage family) grown for its compact white immature flower head. Cauliflower is generally suited to temperate climates or higher altitudes in the tropics, preferring cool, moist soil and air. The heads are cut and eaten while the buds are still closed. In order...
  3. Palm, Queen; Cocos palm Syagrus romanzoffiana

  4. Carrot Daucus carota var. sativus

    Carrots have a swollen taproot that can be up to 25 cm long. This is generally a temperateor high altitude tropical cropand is biennial. But the variety ‘Uberlandia’ does well in the lower tropics and can set seed in the same season. Carrot rootstaste best when harvested in cooler weather.
  5. Carrot-wood tree; Tuckeroo Cupaniopsis anacardioides

  6. Field Marigold Calendula arvensis

  7. Gum, Forest Red Eucalyptus tereticornis

  8. Mate Tea; Yerbe Mate Ilex paraguariensis

  9. Parsley Petroselinum crispum

    Parsley is an upright, herbaceous plant, growing to 70 cm in height. In temperate regions, parsley is a biennial, putting on vegetative growth the first season, over-wintering, then flowering the following season. In tropical regions it will not flower or produce seeds. It is commonly used as a...
  10. Rosewood, Indian; Sisso Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.