258 vitu vilivyopatikana (Inaonyesha 1 - 10)
  1. Bay-rum tree Pimenta racemosa

  2. Bamboo, Angel Mist Dendrocalamus minor

  3. Black Plum; Wax Jambu Syzygium cumini

  4. Dragon Fruit; Pitaya Hylocereus polyrhizus

  5. Coffee Arabica Coffea arabica

  6. Job's Tears Coix lacryma-jobi

    Job's tears is a tropical, 1 to 2 m tall annual grass. It is commonly found growing in many tropical areas of the world in ditches and low areas. Plants are commonly used for fodder and seeds are both consumed and used for bead craft.
  7. Macadamia nut M. integrifolia X tetraphylla

  8. Calamondin X Citrofortunella microcarpa

  9. Grain Amaranth Amaranthus cruentus, A. hypochondriacus

    Grain amaranths are annual plants and include several species of Amaranthus grown specifically for the seeds which are usually lighter colored than vegetable amaranth varieties. The cultivation of grain amaranths as food plants is traceable to ancient Aztec civilizations of Mexico. The grain...
  10. Palm, Lady Rhapis excelsa