11 vitu vilivyopatikana (Inaonyesha 1 - 10)
  1. Palm, Pygmy Date Phoenix roebelenii

  2. African Moringa Tree Moringa stenopetala

    African Moringa is a fast growing tree up to 15 m in height. It grows at higher and drier locations than M. oleifera. In comparison to M. oleifera, M. stenopetala has larger leaves with a milder taste when eaten raw, provides more shade, has a stockier and more bushy growth habit, can be more...
  3. Palm, Senegal Date Phoenix reclinata

  4. Bamboo, Golden-groove Phyllostachys aureosulcata

  5. Palm, Wild date Phoenix sylvestris

  6. Palm, Date Phoenix dactylifera

  7. Bamboo, Running; Vivax Phyllostachys vivax

  8. Bamboo, Phoenix Phyllostachys aurea

  9. Bamboo Phyllostachys nigra

  10. Bottle Tree Moringa drouhardii