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  2. 1993-01-01 Some small farmers in the Philippines are using ipil ipil seeds (Leucaena leucocephala) to deworm young goats  
  3. 1997-11-19 Two methods for controlling ticks on goats in the tropics.  
  4. 2006-07-20 Trichomes from Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC. var. pruriens (also known as kewach or cow-itch) are effective in removing parasitic worms in pregnant does.  
  5. A creole document describing the 3 forms of Chlamydia in goats and zoonotic potential  
  6. A document describing the common conditions/illnesses goat contract in Haiti. Parasites, Anthrax, Chlamydia and Orf.  
  7. 2013-02-20  
  8. Key Resource 1996-01-01 A guide to the practical management of goats in both tropical and temperate countries. Chapters on different breeds, nutrition and feeding, reproduction and kid rearing, and health and routine husbandry are included in the text.  
  9. AccessAgricuture Training Video Goats eat just about anything. But when goats are kept tied or penned up, they need lots of water, a good mix of feed and enough of it. By giving them fodder every day, we can satisfy part of their needs in energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Dry the...  
  10. 2010-04-01 People will be rewarded by intentionally being browsers. By eating a wide variety of foods, we will be more likely to take in a sufficient daily amount of all that we need for good health. In contrast, cultures that, for example, eat mainly rice or tortillas or bread made from one kind of grain...