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  2. Pieter Brandjes et al. This Agrodok discusses green manuring and several other forms of soil improvement in the tropics. In particular, we shall pay attention to plants that can fix atmospheric nitrogen: the legumes. Due to this capacity these plants do not require nitrogen fertilization, which makes them very suitable...
  3. Pieter Brandjes
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  5. Storey
  6. Marjatta Eilitta, Joseph Mureithi, Rolf Derpsch (ed) In the 1980s and 1990s, green manure/cover crop (GMCC) systems became a popular agricultural technology in research and development efforts for smallholder tropical and subtropical farmers. However, few syntheses of these experiences have been conducted. This volume of case studies contributes...
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  8. Simon Anderson, Sabine Gundel, Barry Pound wit Bernard Triomphe Lessons learned in Latin America is about the use and dissemination of cover crops in different agroecosystems need to be made more widely available not only to Spanish speaking, but also Anglophone regions. This publication aims to inform a wide range of actors involved in rural development...
  9. Marianne Sarrantonio This book looks as methodologies for screening soil-improving legumes such as how to replenish nitrogen, which is often the limiting nutrient to plan growth, farmers in many cultures grew green manures, living crops whose primary purpose was to add nitrogen or organic matter to the soil.
  10. Roland Bunch Strong gradients of decreasing soil fertility are found in many regions of the world. Millions of smallholders are now facing this serious crisis which causes them lower crop yields, and many of these families also suffer from food insecurity. With the aim of promoting recovering soil fertility...