African Mahogany Khaya nyasica

Khaya nyasica is a large evergreen or semi-deciduous forest tree up to 60 m in height. It has a rounded crown that provides dense shade. This tree is an important timber species and the wood is also used for furniture, firewood, tools, carving and for canoes.

African Moringa Tree Moringa stenopetala

Moringa stenopetala is often referred to as the African Moringa Tree because it is native only to Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Though it does grow in many other parts of the old- and new-world tropics, it is not as widely known as its close relative, Moringa oleifera. All parts of the tree except...

Buffalo Thorn Ziziphus abyssinica

This Ziziphus species is indigenous to Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa. It is found growing wild in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and other east African countries. It is a thorny shrub or small tree, 7-12 m (25-40 ft) with rough, grey-brown bark that is used for making a dye and has leaves that...

Cassia Senna spectabilis (Cassia spectabilis)

Central and northern South America are areas where Cassia is called a native though it has been introduced to Africa primarily as an ornamental, shade tree. This is a short tree, with a growth range of 7-10 m (23-32 ft) and a trunk diameter of 30 cm (12 in). Greater than its ornamental value is...

Gumbo Limbo Bursera simaruba

Gumbo Limbo is a very hardy, fast growing tree native to the West Indies and Central America. At maturity it reaches 30 m (100 ft). It is tolerant to long periods of drought and is easily propagated.

Jatropha Jatropha curcas

This drought-tolerant shrub or small tree (up to 6 m/20 ft) originating in Meso America is now cultivated pantropically. It grows under 300-1000 mm annual rainfall and tolerates low soil fertility. The semi-succulent, palmate leaves are deciduous in dry season.

Monkey Bread Piliostigma thonningii (Bauhinia thonningii)

Indigenous to Kenya, this shrub/small tree now grows all over sub-humid Africa in open woodlands, most often near the coast or large lakes.

Moringa Moringa oleifera

The Moringa tree, known also as the Horseradish Tree, is native to northwestern India. Moringa is widely grown, however, in other parts of the old- and new-world tropics, including tropical Asia, many regions of Africa, Indonesia, and South and Central America.

Neem Azadirachta indica

Neem trees are medium to large sized drought resistant multipurpose trees that can be up to 30 m tall. All parts of the plant produce azadirachtin, a powerful antibiotic and antimicrobial. Seeds and leaves often have the highest concentrations and may be used to make insecticides and fungicides....

Red Gum Eucalyptus Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Red Gum is a very large, spreading tree that can grow to 40 meters.  The tree is tolerant to many harsh conditions including drought, salt, heat, alkaline soil, and water-logging. Red Gum Eucalyptus is the most widely planted eucalyptus and is grown on plantations in many countries. It is...