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  1. R Sakthivadivel Based on a case study of water management in the Kirindi Oya Irrigation and Settlement Project (KOISP) in southern Sri Lanka, this report describes the constraints in seasonal scheduling of water allocations from relatively small reservoirs that were not designed to carry storage from one season...
    333.910 IWM
  2. M. Kikuchi [et al] 48 pages, tables Research Report 62
    627.52 IWM
  3. Ray Wijewardene, et al This illustrated book explores many issues concerning impacting small farmers in in the humid tropics. Topics include farming constraints, minimum tillage, fertility regenerating systems, pest and disease management, fuelwood trees, & fodder trees. 2 copies
    631.451 WIJ
  4. By B Abraham, O O AdeOluwa, H Araya, et al. In EDN 120, we summarized a document about SCI, the System of Crop Intensification, a methodology that applies SRI principles to crops other than rice. CTA (the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) and SRI-Rice (the SRI International Network and Resources Center at Cornell)...
  5. 36 pages, illustrated, photos 2 copies
    633.18 SRI
  6. A. T. Mosher. The lectures reproduced in this book were delivered as part of an introductory course in agricultural extension at the University of Sri Lanka in 1974. 114 pages
    630.715 MOS
  7. M. Kikuchi [et al] This publication aims to fill the gap of knowledge based on observations and data obtained in field surveys conducted in major and minor irrigation schemes in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. 48 pages, illustrated, tables Research Report 66
    621.64 KIK
  8. World Bank Institute This colorful booklet explains SRI through pictures and contains a CD on the system of rice intensification. 6 pages, CD, photos
    338.173 SRI
  9. H.P.M. Gunasena This publication discusses what it would take to make tree farming socio-economically viable and economically gainful \.
    582.16 GUN
  10. Laura S. Meitzner, Martin L. Price. This is a book of practical ideas. It is written for people who help those who live and make their living under difficult conditions in the tropics and subtropics. What should a development worker do to assist a community? There are no simple answers, but there are many possibilities—plants,...
    633.091 MEI | PI.007, PI.008