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  1. Laura S. Meitzner, Martin L. Price. This is a book of practical ideas. It is written for people who help those who live and make their living under difficult conditions in the tropics and subtropics. What should a development worker do to assist a community? There are no simple answers, but there are many possibilities—plants,...
    633.091 MEI | PI.007, PI.008
  2. Laurens Van Veldhuizen et al This Manual is written for trainers in governmental and non-governmental development organizations who are preparing their staff to work together with farmers in developing technologies appropriate to ecological agriculture and using few external inputs. The training is designed to stimulate...
    630.715 VAN | DB.022
  3. Carl Lindblad & Laurel Druben This Peace Corps book provides information on the challenges of grain storage including drying methods, insects, rodents, moisture meters, and waterproofing. No page numbers, illustrated 2 copies
    633.104 LIN | FA.012
  4. Henry Y. Nakasone et al A wide variety of fruits is grown in the tropics, under a range of climatic conditions and soil types. Some have been widely used both within the tropics and also exported to temperate countries for many years, whereas others are currently grown almost exclusively for local or regional use....
    634.6 NAK | PH.006
  5. ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region
  6. Abha Mishra
  7. Roland Bunch Strong gradients of decreasing soil fertility are found in many regions of the world. Millions of smallholders are now facing this serious crisis which causes them lower crop yields, and many of these families also suffer from food insecurity. With the aim of promoting recovering soil fertility...
    631.874 BUN | SB.043
  8. Koen Van Keer, Francis Turkelboom, Somchai Ongprasert, Apichai Thirathon Highland agriculture in northern Thailand is undergoing rapid changes, some for better, some for worse. These changes affect the livelihood of highland minority peoples as well as the livelihood of large rural and urban lowland Thai communities. They also affect the ecological balance of the rich...
  9. David Cleveland & Daniela Soleri Food from Dryland Gardens encourages gardens that serve local needs, that are based on local knowledge, and that conserve natural resources and the biological diversity of traditional crops. It was written for field workers, extension agents, students, project workers, and program planners. Both...
    635.043 CLE | PD.043
  10. S. E. McGregor. Worldwide, more than 3,000 plant species have been used as food, only 300 of which are now widely grown, and only 12 of which furnish nearly 90 percent of the world's food. These 12 include the grains: rice, wheat, maize (corn), sorghums, millets, rye, and barley, and potatoes, sweet potatoes,...
    582.016 USD | PA.006, PG.014

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