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Published: 1995-01-01

For 35 years, VITA has been helping people in developing countries improve the quality of their lives through the provision of information services. VITA's oldest service, the Inquiry Service, enlists VITA volunteers to answer requests about a variety of development issues that come from around the world. Many of VITA's publications are developed in response to the most frequently received inquiries. VITA publications have also been developed to document and support VITA field projects located in developing countries worldwide. These publications have been successfully used by villagers, students, teachers, field agents, and extension workers involved in areas such as enterprise development, agriculture, rural rehabilitation, renewable energy, and protection of the environment. Relevance of subject matter, clarity of instructions, and easy-to-follow plans and illustrations make these materials invaluable resources for do- it-your-selfers and development workers alike. And many of VITA's publications are available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as English.



A BEEKEEPING GUIDE Harlan H. D. Attfield Information guide to caring for bees, building hives, improving honey production. Fully illustrated. $7.25 ENGLISH 45pp. ISBN 0-86619-154-2; FRENCH 37pp. ISBN 0-86619-140-2

FOREST FARMING J. Sholto Douglas & Robert A. de J. Hart Outlines basic principles of forest farming and suggests practical steps that can be taken. Includes appendices on seed suppliers and organizations concerned with forest farming. Illustrated. (ITP) 200pp. $18.50

FRESHWATER FISH POND CULTURE AND MANAGEMENT Marilyn Chakroff A comprehensive guide to planning, constructing, and maintaining small-scale warm water fish and pond operations. A valuable reference manual. Fully illustrated. $15.95 ENGLISH 196pp. ISBN 0-86619-056-2

GARDENING WITH THE SEASONS Harlan H. D. Attfield Provides guidelines for vegetable gardening year-round. Useful in any tropical climate. Illustrated. $7.25 ENGLISH 72pp. ISBN 0-86619-124-0

HOW TO MAKE FERTILIZER Harlan H. D. Attfield Compost organic material for fertilizer. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-088-0; FRENCH 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-193-3; SPANISH 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-194-1

HOW TO PERFORM AN AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT G. Stuart Pettygrove Provides local agriculturalists with the basics to consider in the design, execution, and measurement procedures of an agricultural experiment. $7.25 ENGLISH 26pp. ISBN 0-86619-039-2; SPANISH 31pp. ISBN 0-86619-040-6

POSTHARVEST GRAIN LOSS ASSESSMENT METHODS Kenton Harris & Carl Lindblad Defines and examines postharvest grain loss problems and presents criteria for fact-gathering, sampling, and loss management 193pp. $13.50

RAISING CHICKEN AND DUCKS Harlan H. D. Attfield This book explains how to start and manage a flock of chickens or ducks efficiently, including information on breed selection, cage construction, feeding, and disease control. Illustrated. $12.95 ENGLISH 140pp. ISBN 0-86619-309-X

RAISING RABBITS Harlan H. D. Attfield Raise rabbits for pleasure or business. This book offers informa- tion on breeding rabbits, treating disease, feeding, building hutches, keeping records, and tanning skins. Fully illustrated. $9.50 ENGLISH 90pp. ISBN 0-86619-060-0; FRENCH 81pp. ISBN 0-86619-061-9

SMALL FARM GRAIN STORAGE A complete, practical overview of small farm grain storage problems for use by homesteaders, development workers, and others concerned with small-scale production. Fully illustrated.

Volume 1 - Preparing Grain for Storage (ENGLISH 204pp. ISBN 0-86619-052-X); Volume 2 - Enemies of Stored Grain (ENGLISH 170pp. ISBN 0-86619-053-8); Volume 3 - Storage Methods (ENGLISH 148pp. ISBN 0-86619-054-6) $12.50/each

Almacenamiento del Grano (all inclusive) SPANISH 331pp. ISBN 0-86619-072-0 $19.95

SMALL-SCALE IRRIGATION P. Stern Provides basic information for developing irrigated agriculture on a small scale; describes irrigation system and methods commonly in use and some simple technology that is not as widely known. (ITP) 152pp. $18.50

TOOLS FOR AGRICULTURE Compiled by John Boyd This new, enlarged edition of a well-known catalog lists over 1,000 manufactures and sup- pliers of low-cost agricultural implements. Guidance is provided for selection of 3,000 products, from hand tools to animal-powered and small- engine equipment. Illustrated Third Edition. 200pp. $49.50

See also the "Understanding Technology Series" listing for additional titles.


CHRIS AHRENS' GREENHOUSE Chris Ahrens Simple to construct A-frame greenhouse. Illustrated. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-136-4

ELEMENTS OF SOLAR ARCHITECTURE R. Stulz Describes such basic principles of solar architecture as: absorp- tion, solar radiation, roof design, ventilation through wall openings, and more. Illustrated. (SKAT) 22pp. $7.50

MAKING BUILDING BLOCKS WITH CINVA-RAM BLOCK PRESS A supervisor's guide to using the CINVA-Ram block press. Detailed instructions for mixing material, organizing construction, and more. $6.25 ENGLISH 26pp. ISBN 0-86619-012-0

SMALL-SCALE BRICKMAKING Gives detailed information on alternative brickmaking techniques and covers all processing stages. (ILO) 210pp. $24.50

SMALL-SCALE MANUFACTURE OF BURNED BUILDING BRICK D. W. Thomas Outlines the making and burning of clay brick suitable for domestic building. Instructions for molding, drying, and firing clay brick are included, as well as directions for building a kiln. $6.25 ENGLISH 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-019-8; FRENCH 20pp. ISBN 0-86619-020-1; PORTUGUESE 12pp. ISBN 0-86619-022-8



BLACKSMITH FORGE AND BELLOWS Allen Inversin Uses wood scraps and old inner tubes to make a hand-operated bellows. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 17pp. ISBN 0-86619-084-8; FRENCH 16pp. ISBN 0-86619-085-6; SPANISH 19pp. ISBN 0-86619-182-8

CHAIN LINK FENCE-MAKING MACHINE This hand-operated machine can produce fencing up to 96 inches wide. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 21pp. ISBN 0-86619-105-4; FRENCH 24pp. ISBN 0-86619-142-9; SPANISH 24pp. ISBN 0-86619-185-2

CONSULTANCY FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Malcolm Harper This valuable book can be used to assess small business situations, diagnoses problems, and devise appropriate solutions. (ITP) 280pp. $29.50

HANDLOOM CONSTRUCTION: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR THE NONEXPERT Joan Koster Beautifully illustrated guide shows how to build three different kinds of handlooms. Includes guidelines for judging which loom to build and which materials are the best to use for weaving. $9.75 ENGLISH 164pp. ISBN 0-86619-059-7

New Listing PLASTER OF PARIS: TECHNIQUES FROM SCRATCH Gives the fundamentals of model and mold making for duplicating large numbers of ceramic pieces. This manual tells about the making of master and working models as well as original models. Step-by-step techniques are given for plaster, the primary resource material of ceramics. (ATTIC) 43pp. $8.00

New Listing PRESSING CERAMICS WITH AIR-RELEASE Tells how to fabricate and operate a ceramic press and its dies and molds. Building materials, tableware, and all kinds of ceramic products can be pressed at the rate of one piece per minute. This comprehensive manual reaches a versatile and inexpensive, fast production technique in ceramics. An air compressor is the only source of power required. (ATTIC) 28pp. $10.95

SIMPLE METHODS OF CANDLE MANUFACTURE Four methods of candle manufacture, with equipment de- signs suitable for local construction. (ITP) 19pp. $8.50

MONITORING AND EVALUATING SMALL BUSINESS PROJECTS: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS Buzzard & Elaine Edgcomb (edited by Shirley) Clearly written guide to a systems approach for measuring the progress of small business aided by private development projects. Steps can be applied easily to field situations. An extensive resource section presents information gathering tools, case studies, and a bibliography. (PACT) 262pp. $19.95

SMALL-SCALE MANUFACTURE OF FOOTWEAR Covers four scales of production and a number of alternative methods for the production of shoes and other footwear. (ILO) 207pp. $19.50

SMALL-SCALE PAPER BAG MANUFACTURING PROCESS Plans for making simple paper bag manufacturing machines. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-0286-7

SMALL-SCALE SOAPMAKING: A HANDBOOK Peter Donkor A practical introduction to small-scale soap production, based on author's experience in Ghana. Illustrated. (ITP) 81pp. $12.50

SMALL-SCALE WEAVING Describes eight alternative weaving technologies of particular interest to low-income groups. (ILO) 129pp. $18.50



AUTOMOTIVE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE E. Christopher Cone A comprehensive manual designed primarily for drivers of four- wheel drive vehicles who use pioneer roads, and for novice mechanics who must depend upon their own resources in areas without extensive service facilities. Revisions reflect increased use of Japanese vehicles. 1992 Revised Edition. $14.95 ENGLISH 300pp. ISBN 0-86619-310-3

New Listing LOW-COST DIGITAL AND PACKET RADIO TECHNIQUES: OPERATION AND APPLICATIONS This book contains background material for the VITA-sponsored United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) course by the same name. The course is designed for individuals who wish to learn more about the enormous possibilities for providing reliable digital communications through the marriage of personal computers with HF/VHF two-way radio transceivers, increasingly popular for specialized communications needs such as scientific data exchange and international development and relief applications in remote or rural areas. 140pp. $17.95

MICROCOMPUTERS FOR INFORMATION RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: A GUIDE TO THE VITA SYSTEM Gary L. Garriott, Brij Mathur, Helen Picard & Richard S. Muffley Developed by VITA as a text for its training program in information system management. Includes inventory system considerations that are useful anywhere. Glossary. $11.75 ENGLISH 95pp. ISBN 0-86619-153-4

RADIOS THAT WORK FOR FREE K.E. Edwards Receive local broadcasts or shortwaves from overseas with a build-it-yourself crystal radio that works with power supplied by the antenna. Costs little or nothing to build. (Hope and Allen) 148pp. $10.50

ENERGY RENEWABLE ENERGY DICTIONARY Unique tri-lingual guide defines and translates more than 1,000 renewable energy terms. Separate section for English, French, and Spanish. Thoroughly cross-referenced and well illustrated. An invaluable reference aid. Hardcover. $29.75 E/F/S 500pp. ISBN 0-86619-161-5 ENERGY -- BIOMASS

BIOGAS SYSTEMS IN INDIA Robert Jon Lichtman Thoughtful economic and social assessment of selected Indian biogas systems. Comments on potential fuel and fertilizer source, and on cultural and economic impact. Appendices include detailed resource analysis and computer simulation. $25.50

A CHINESE BIOGAS MANUAL Michael Crook Describes how to build a biogas pit and covers a full range of designs to suit various soils from sandstone to sheet rock. (ITP) 135pp. $19.50

COMPARING SIMPLE CHARCOAL PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE CARIBBEAN Jeffrey L. Warluft & Stedford White Results of a year's work with small-scale producers on the island of Montserrat, testing a variety of kilns and retorts. Compares efficiency, product quality, overall economics, and user accept- ability. Illustrated. $8.75 ENGLISH 35pp. ISBN 0-86619-176-3

MAKING CHARCOAL: THE RETORT METHOD An easy-to-build charcoal retort uses discard 55-gallon petrol drums. Provides high quality charcoal and tar by-products with less fuel than is required by other low tech methods. Easy to follow instructions. $7.25 ENGLISH 28pp. ISBN 0-86619-071-6

THREE CUBIC METER BIOGAS PLANT: A CONSTRUCTION MANUAL Low-cost, Indian-designed, continuous feed methane digester offers reliability and low maintenance. Step-by-step instructions are included. $8.25 ENGLISH 28pp. ISBN 0-86619-069-4 ENERGY -- SOLAR ENERGY

SOLAR CONVECTION GRAIN DRYER Experimental, low-cost grain dryer uses movement of heated air. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 4pp. ISBN 0-86619-159-3

SOLAR COOKER CONSTRUCTION MANUAL Easy to build, low-cost Fresnel-type lens gives a broad, uniform focal region the size of a cooking pot rather than a sharp, intense spot of heat. Fully illustrated, detailed instructions. $7.25 ENGLISH 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-017-1; FRENCH 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-135-6; SPANISH 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-018-X

SOLAR STILL W. R. Breslin Build a small solar-heated distillation system to provide clean water for a variety of purposes. $7.25 ENGLISH 36pp. ISBN 0-86619-030-9

SOLAR WATER HEATERS Simple, low-cost thermosyphon water heater can provide up to 70 liters of hot water per day on a sunny day. Illustrated construction plans. $7.25 ENGLISH 48pp. ISBN 0-86619-025-2 ENERGY

WATER POWER DESIGN MANUAL FOR WATER WHEELS William G. Ovens Construct an overshot water wheel to provide power for grinding grain or pumping water. Includes plans for attaching a simple pump. $7.25 ENGLISH 77pp. ISBN 0-86619-045-7

HYDRAULIC RAM Allen Inversin Construct a low-cost ram from commercially available pipe fittings. Two homemade valves require only a drill press and hand tools to make. Delivers up to several thousand liters of water daily. Illustrated. $7.25 ENGLISH 50pp. ISBN 0-86619-243-3

LOW-COST DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL WATER POWER SITES Hans W. Hamm Enables the reader to assess the possibility and desirability of installing a small hydroelectric power plant. Discusses types of machinery suitable for installation, plus other turbine and generating equipment. $7.50 ENGLISH 43pp. ISBN 0-86619-014-7; FRENCH 50pp. ISBN 0-86619-015-5; SPANISH 56pp. ISBN 0-86619-016-3

ONE KW RIVER GENERATOR Mathew G. Boissevain Operates at 6ft/s with 80% efficiency for each of three V belt speed-up stages. (A Technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-079-1; FRENCH 11pp. ISBN 0-86619-195-X; SPANISH 10pp. ISBN 0-86619-196-8

OVERSHOT WATERWHEEL: DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION MANUAL This low-cost water wheel provides power to pump water, grind grain, and press oils or sugar cane. Gives construction details and design considerations. Illustrated. $8.25 ENGLISH 74pp. ISBN 0-86619-067-8

SMALL MICHELL (BANKI) TURBINE: A CONSTRUCTION MANUAL A low-cost water turbine that can provide AC/DC electricity for your home. Complete step-by-step instructions for making parts and assembly. Illustrated. $9.50 ENGLISH 58pp. ISBN 0-86619-0244-1

See also: Understanding Hydropower; Understanding Micro-Hydro- electric Generation; Understanding Mini-Hydroelectric Generation. ENERGY -- WIND

LOW-COST WINDMILL FOR DEVELOPING NATIONS Hartmut Bossel Complete construction details for building a low-cost windmill with easily obtained materials and non-precision work or machining. Multi-vaned fan-type windmill feathers automatically in high winds to prevent damage. $7.25 ENGLISH 45pp. ISBN 0-86619-035-X

SAVONIUS ROTOR CONSTRUCTION: TWO VERTICAL-AXIS WIND MACHINES FROM OIL DRUMS Jozef A. Kozlowski Two-stage rotor for pumping water or three-stage rotor for charging auto batteries. Fully illustrated. $5.25 ENGLISH 54pp. ISBN 0-86619-062-7; FRENCH 11pp. ISBN 0-86619-063-5 FOOD PROCESSING, HEALTH & NUTRITION

CENTRIFUGAL HONEY EXTRACTOR Easy to build, simple to operate device to extract honey from the comb. (A technical bulletin). $5.25 ENGLISH 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-114-3

COMPOSTING PRIVY Harlan H. D. Attfield Complete instructions for digging pit and building the shelter. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 13pp. ISBN 0-86619-087-2; FRENCH 12pp. ISBN 0-86619-186-0; SPANISH 11pp. ISBN 0-86619-187-9

GARDENING FOR BETTER NUTRITION Arnold Pacey Presents the basic technology of horticulture and vegetable growing, mainly as it applies to family gardens. Emphasizes nutrition. Describes agricultural extension work as it relates to gardening and food production mostly involving women. (ITP) 66pp. $12.50

GRAIN MILL FOR HOME USE Walter B. Booher Easy to build wooden grinder for corn, wheat, and other grains. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-098-8; FRENCH 11pp. ISBN 0-86619-189-5

HAND-OPERATED CLOTHES WASHERS Instructions for making two simple clothes washers of a covered metal tub or wood. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-287-5; FRENCH 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-141-0

HOME FLOUR MILL Walter B. Booher This mill is made almost entirely of wood. Powered by a 1/4-hp electric motor, by wind power, or by hand (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-112-7; FRENCH 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-192-5; SPANISH 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-157-7

POUR-FLUSH LATRINE Step-by-step photo guide to siting and building a pour-flush latrine. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 25pp. ISBN 0-86619-144-5

SMALL-SCALE MAIZE MILLING Describes various milling techniques for production of whole meal, bolted meal, and super-sifted meal. Covers all processing stages. (ILO) 143pp. $16.50

SMALL-SCALE OIL EXTRACTION FROM GROUNDNUTS AND COPRA Describes technologies for oil extraction, plus the three main stages of processing. (ILO) 111pp. $15.75

SMALL-SCALE PROCESSING OF FISH Covers processing of fish by drying, salting, smoking, boiling, and fermenting. (ILO) 118pp. $15.75

WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR David Werner This guide helps readers do for themselves and recognize which problems need more expert attention. Coves everything from home remedies to modern medicines, family planning to childbirth. Emphasizes cleanliness, diet, and vaccinations. (Hesperian Foundation) $16.50 ENGLISH, SPANISH 400pp. GENERAL RESOURCES

APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY SOURCEBOOK: A GUIDE TO PRACTICAL BOOKS FOR VILLAGE AND SMALL COMMUNITY Ken Darrow & Mike Saxenian This revised and enlarged edition of the Sourcebook reviews 1,120 of the most useful appropriate technology books from around the world. Complete price and ordering information is provided for each book reviewed. For almost two decades, the Sourcebook has been the standard reference for people working in village technology and community development. 1993 Edition. Paperback. $26.50 ENGLISH 800pp. ISBN 0-917704-17-7

THE AT READER A collection of over 300 extracts explaining the history and development of appropriate technology, and the applications of contexts. An invaluable AT reference for the student as well as the general reader. Illustrated. (ITP) 340pp. $24.50

ASSESSING RURAL NEEDS Jeffrey Ashe Model for surveying local needs. Emphasis is on popular participation. $10.75 ENGLISH 129pp. ISBN 0-86619-075-9

HELPING SMALL PROJECTS FROM THE DISTANCE Thomas Kuby GATE, an organization in existence since 1986, assists small- project initiatives around the world with their grassroots work - - not through large funds or a long-running support program, but simply through a relatively small amount of money for a clearly- defined purpose. GATE's experience is that "helping small projects from the distance" can be done effectively and with good results. Of course, pinpointed financial assistance is no replacement for local support programs, but it can complement them in may ways. Small-project funds can give some of the assistance which hundreds and thousands of small initiatives around the world need for their work -- provided sufficient attention is paid to handling and management issues. In operating the fund for several years, GATE has had ample opportunity to learn from practice and from its partners. This publication summarizes the experience gained to date. The booklet presents the concept, the steps, and the monitoring methods of a small- project fund. An annex contains forms and letters, plus a DOS- disk with a fully operable monitoring system. (GATE) Paperback. $45.00 ENGLISH 137pp. ISBN 3-528-02073-3

PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, AUGUST 17-20, 1993 B. Leiner, Editor Published by the Internet Society these proceedings reflect the work of hundreds of individuals around the world. Topics covered include a) network technology: advances in the network technology base, b) network engineering: building the global infrastructure, c) application technology: enabling technologies for distributed applications, d) user applications: support for international communities of interest, e) policies issues: governance, manage- ment, and financing of international networks, and f) regional issues: networking around the globe. (Internet Society) 717pp. $20.00 For a special offer on this publication, see page 17 of this catalog.

VILLAGE TECHNOLOGY HANDBOOK VITA celebrated the 25th birthday of this classic manual with a new revised edition. Its the same trusted friend that has aided development workers and do-it-yourselfers for a quarter of a century, but VITA Volunteer technical specialists went over every word to assure up-to-date technical accuracy. And to its fine treatment of water resources, food storage, construction, etc., we've added all new section on high yield gardening, malaria control, wind energy, and stabilized earth. Completely revised and updated references. Fully illustrated. English version $19.95, others $14.95 ENGLISH 425pp. ISBN 0-86619-275-1; SPANISH 345 pp. ISBN 0-86619-004-X; FRENCH 427pp. ISBN 0-86619-003-1 STOVES, OVENS & KILNS

BIOMASS STOVES: ENGINEERING DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, AND DISSEMINATION Samuel F. Baldwin Scholarly compilation of research into the design requirement for optimum performance of biomass fueled cookstoves, including an overview of the problems of deforestation that gave rise to the search for an improved stove. Covers design and testing principles, stove construction, and dissemination, with technical appendices, notes, references, and listing of institutions involved in stove research and projects. $35.75 ENGLISH 287pp. ISBN 0-86619-274-3

COMPARING CHARCOAL AND WOOD-BURNING COOKSTOVES IN THE CARIBBEAN Jeffrey L. Wartluft A year's study of both indigenous and improved stove designs in summarized in this volume prepared for the Monteserrat Fuel- wood/Charcoal/Cookstove Project. $8.75 ENGLISH 35pp. ISBN 0-86619-181-X

DOUBLE DRUM SAWDUST STOVE Jeffrey L. Wartluft Sawdust-burning heat stove constructed from empty oil drums. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 4pp. ISBN 0-86619-109-7; FRENCH 3pp. ISBN 0-86619-188-7; SPANISH 5pp. ISBN 0-86619-156-9

IMPROVED WOOD STOVES: USERS NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS IN UPPER VOLTA (KI-ZERBO REPORT) Jacqueline Ki-Zerbo Presents the results of a study in Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) to identify foods consumed and methods of preparation, equipment and fuel used, the incidence of smoke and its effects on health, and more. $10.00 ENGLISH 75pp. ISBN 0-86619-147-X; FRENCH 85pp. ISBN 0-86619-148-8

LAB TESTS OF FIRED CLAY AND ONE-POT CHIMNEYLESS STOVES Sam Baldwin A report of tests done to provide direction in development of optimal stove designs. Discusses advantages of stoves of this type. $8.75 ENGLISH 37pp. ISBN 0-86619-237-9

TESTING THE EFFICIENCY OF WOOD-BURNING COOKSTOVES Testing standards for wood-burning cookstoves, including laboratory controlled cooking and kitchen or field testing procedures. Established by an international panel of experts convened by VITA. Illustrated. $9.75 ENGLISH 76pp. ISBN 0-86619-229-8; FRENCH 76pp. ISBN 0-86619-235-2; SPANISH 90pp. ISBN 0-86619-236-0

WASTE OIL-FIRED KILN Ali Sheriff & Bashir Lalji A unique way to mix and burn oil and water to fuel a pottery kiln. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 11pp. ISBN 0-86619-160-7

WASTE OIL-FIRED OVEN Made from 55- and 42-gallon steel drums. Some welding/metal work needed. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 20pp. ISBN 0-86619-164-X

WOOD-BURNING OVEN Re. Bertrand Saubolle Wood-burning oven of brick with sheet iron door. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 5pp. ISBN 0-86619-091-0; FRENCH 4pp ISBN 0-86619-149-6; SPANISH 5pp. ISBN 0-86619-155-0 WATER SUPPLY, NATURAL RESOURCES & CONSERVATION

ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND SMALL-SCALE AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS: GUIDELINES FOR PLANNING This valuable teaching aid presents environmental concept as tools for planning agricultural projects. Enables people to make sound cost-benefit analyses of projected programs. Fully illustrated. 1990 Revised English Edition. (VITA-CODEL) $12.95 ENGLISH 162pp. ISBN 0-86619-283-2; FRENCH 126pp. ISBN 0-86619-170-4; SPANISH 133pp. ISBN 0-86619-172-0

ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND SMALL-SCALE ENERGY PROJECTS: GUIDELINES FOR PLANNING Elizabeth Ann Bassan Discusses basic environmental questions involved in small-scale energy development. Valuable teaching and extension aid. (VITA- CODEL) $12.95 ENGLISH 150pp. ISBN 0-86619-171-2

ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND SMALL-SCALE FORESTRY PROJECTS: GUIDELINES FOR PLANNING Peter Ffolliott & John L. Thames Presents an introduction to the planning of small-scale forestry projects, particularly as they may be integrated with agricultural and other land uses. (VITA-CODEL) $12.95 ENGLISH 109pp. ISBN 0-86619-173-9; FRENCH 113pp. ISBN 0-86619-263-8; SPANISH 112pp. ISBN 0-86619-262-X

ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND SMALL-SCALE LIVESTOCK PROJECTS: GUIDELINES FOR PLANNING Linda Jacobs Details livestock management planning to minimize damage to the environment or enhance available resources. (CODEL/Heifer/VITA/Win-rock) $12.95 ENGLISH 149pp. ISBN 0-86619-245-X; FRENCH 116pp. ISBN 0-86619-319-7; SPANISH 112pp. ISBN 0-86619-245-X

ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND SMALL-SCALE WATER PROJECTS: GUIDELINES FOR PLANNING Guss Tillman For people involved in small-scale water development. A useful primer for individuals with limited experience in this field. (VITA/CODEL) $12.95 ENGLISH 141pp. ISBN 0-86619-174-7; SPANISH 144pp. ISBN 0-86619-175-5

GULLY CONTROL AND RECLAMATION Robert D. Flannery How to stop gully formation, and reclaim eroded soil. (A technical bulletin) $5.25 ENGLISH 26pp. ISBN 0-86619-143-7

HAND-DUG WELLS AND THEIR CONSTRUCTION S.B. Watt & W.E. Wood For one faced with the task of providing water supplies with limited money and materials. Complete instructions and illustrations. (ITP) 253pp. $19.95

MANUAL FOR RURAL WATER SUPPLY Covers such topics as water standards, hydrology, water planning and testing, well spring catchments, water storage and treatment, and much more. Bibliography and scale drawings included. (SKAT) 175pp. $45.00

REFORESTATION IN ARID LANDS Fred R. Weber, with Carol Stoney All new updated text. Broadened focus includes all of arid Africa and is applicable to other dry areas as well. Plus a whole new chapter on agroforestry, dozens of new illustrations, and an all new reference section. A must for anyone involved in forestry and natural resources management. $14.95 ENGLISH 335pp. ISBN 0-86619-264-6; FRENCH 340pp. ISBN 0-86619-285-9

SIX SIMPLE PUMPS Edited by Margaret Crouch Presents a collection of options for simple, inexpensive pumps that are easy to build and maintain with local skills nd materials. Includes complete building instructions with detailed drawings for a Diaphragm Pump, Spangler Pump, Inertia Pump, Animal Driven Chain Pump, and Archimedes Screw. $9.50 ENGLISH 94pp. ISBN 0-86619-166-6

USING WATER RESOURCES Covers tubewells, dug wells, water lifting, pumps, water storing, and water purifying. Fully illustrated easy-to-use construction details. $8.25 ENGLISH 146pp. ISBN 0-86619-058-9



An excellent way to quickly and efficiently access all VITA- produced publications. Over 160 of the publications in this catalog are included in hypertext format on a Compact Disc along with TextWare information retrieval soft-ware for DOS, Windows or Apple Macintosh computer systems. Hypertext links in each publication enable the user to jump quickly through a document to areas of interest or to images and diagrams linked to text. The TextWare software also allows users to search the full text of documents for key words or phrases instantaneously. System requirements (in addition to CD-ROM drive): DOS - DOS 3.3 or later, 512K Conventional RAM, 2M Extended Memory, 1.2M Hard Drive Space; Windows - Windows 3.1 or later, 2-8M RAM, 1.5M Hard Drive Space; Macintosh - System 7.x, 4.5M RAM, 1M Hard Drive Space. $65.00 (available by June 1995)



Technical papers under this series are intended for use as guidelines in selecting technologies suitable to specific situations, not to provide construction or implementation details. Papers are available in English only unless otherwise indicated. $9.95 each or any 3 for $25.00



UNDERSTANDING AGROFORESTRY TECHNIQUES Fred Weber & Carol Stoney Describes agroforestry methods of tree and shrub integration to protect erosion and improve the fertility and productivity of soil. (TP #57) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-276-X

UNDERSTANDING AQUACULTURE Ira J. Somerset Discusses various methods of raising fish, shellfish, and mollusks for food and profit. (TP #52) 24pp. ISBN 0-86619-269-7

UNDERSTANDING CEREAL CROPS I: WHEAT, OATS, BARLEY & RYE Roy M. Stephen & Betsey Eisendrath Provides information on cultural requirements, pests, and uses of wheat, oats, barley, and rye. (TP # 50) 17pp. ISBN 0-86619-267-0

UNDERSTANDING CEREAL CROPS II: MAIZE, SORGHUM, RICE & MILLET Roy M. Stephen & Betsey Eisendrath Provides information on cultural requirements, pests, and uses of maize, sorghum, rice, and millet. (TP #55) 19pp. ISBN 0-86619-272-7

UNDERSTANDING CITRUS FRUIT GROWING Dr. Murray Gaskins Provides information on the requirements for effective management of a small citrus planting. (TP #16) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-216-6

UNDERSTANDING COMPOSTING J. Walter Fitts & Jerry B. Fitts Outlines the chemical processes and environmental requirements for composting farm wastes. (TP #7) 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-207-7

UNDERSTANDING DAIRY GOAT PRODUCTION Harlan H. D. Attfield Describes various breeds of goats; feed, nutritional, shelter, and space requirements; milking practices; and prevention and control of diseases. (TP #75) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-318-9

UNDERSTANDING DAIRY PRODUCTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES John W. Hibbs Describes efforts taken to improve dairy production practices in order to provide more and better quality milk. Addresses breeding and selection, herd management, feeding and nutrition, and milk handing and equipment needs. (TP #34) 17pp. ISBN 0-86619-242-5

UNDERSTANDING HYDROPONICS Mark Anderson, et al Explains the basics of hydroponics and what goes into setting up a hydroponics greenhouse, with year long planting and harvesting schedule and estimated income yield. (TP #63) 24pp. ISBN 0-86619-282-4

UNDERSTANDING INORGANIC AND ORGANIC FERTILIZERS Kenton K. Brubaker Discusses factors for determining basic soil fertility and methods of application of inorganic and organic fertilizers. Also presents alternative systems for crop fertilization. (TP #33) 29pp. ISBN 0-86619-241-7

UNDERSTANDING INSECT PESTS AND THEIR CONTROL Harold R. Wilson Describes several methods of applied insect control, with emphasis on dangers of harming beneficial insects. (TP #27) 13pp. ISBN 0-86619-230-1

UNDERSTANDING INSECT PESTS AND THEIR CONTROL Harold R. Wilson Describes several methods of applied insect control, with emphasis on dangers of harming beneficial insects. (TP #27) 13pp. ISBN 0-86619-230-1

UNDERSTANDING INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT David Pimental Examines the complex nature of pest problems including an evaluation of both chemical and non-chemical controls and assesses the objectives of an integrated pest control program. (TP #65) 13pp. ISBN 0-86619-304-9 UNDERSTANDING SMALL-SCALE IRRIGATION SYSTEMS John A. Chapman Describes various components of an irrigation system and commonly used irrigation techniques. (TP #74) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-317-0

UNDERSTANDING LEGUME CROPS Dr. Carl S. Hoveland Defines and describes various legume crops and their cultivation requirements. (TP #38) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-250-6

UNDERSTANDING MULTIPLE CROPPING Dr. Glen M. Wood Defines and describe multi-cropping systems and their relation to increased food production from present land holdings. (TP #26) 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-228-X

UNDERSTANDING POULTRY MEAT AND EGG PRODUCTION Dr. H. R. Bird Outlines equipment and management requirements of poultry raising, and addresses bird selection and care variations and alternatives. (TP #12) 19pp. ISBN 0-86619-212-3

UNDERSTANDING THE PRODUCTION OF THE MAJOR TROPICAL/SUB-TROPICAL ROOT CROPS Dr. Nail H. Ozerol Lists the important root crops of the tropics and sub-tropics, their advantages and disadvantages, and major uses. (TP #17) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-217-4

UNDERSTANDING SEED HANDLING FOR GERMINATION Jerry Budy, Raymond Evans & Dr. James Young Discusses methods of storage and handling of seed for germination. (TP #42) 12pp. ISBN 0-86619-255-7

UNDERSTANDING SHEEP PRODUCTION Clausia S. Ingham Describes various breeds of sheep, resources required, and scale of operation. (TP #71) 13pp. ISBN 0-86619-314-6

UNDERSTANDING SOIL CONSERVATION TECHNIQUES Fred Weber, Carol Stoney & Dr. Edward Pytlik Discusses various soil conservation techniques that can contribute to the increased productivity and sustainability of land use by controlling soil erosion from wind and water. Illustrated. (TP #58) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-277-08

UNDERSTANDING SOIL EROSION AND ITS CONTROL Jim Chamberlain Explains various causes for geological erosion and techniques to control such erosions. Illustrated. (TP #72) 20pp. ISBN 0-86619-315-4

UNDERSTANDING SOIL PREPARATION Paul J. Abrahams Introduces the reader to the whys and where-fores of soil preparation for major types of farmland. (TP #8) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-208-5

UNDERSTANDING SWINE PRODUCTION Vernon M. Meyer & Douglas Henderson Discusses the factors involved in raising and maintaining swine for meat production. (TP #39) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-251-4 BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION

UNDERSTANDING ADOBE Balla Sidibe Suggests an approach for improving traditional adobe as a building material, focusing on soil selection and the proper methods for controlling the moisture content of the material. (TP 24) 26pp. ISBN 0-86619-224-7

UNDERSTANDING FERROCEMENT CONSTRUCTION J. P. Hartog Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of several methods of ferrocement construction and outlines the basic steps involved in the general process. (TP #64) 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-284-0

UNDERSTANDING SMALL-SCALE BRICK MAKING David W. Thomas Describes the technology and the processes of making fired bricks and gives the design of a kiln. (TP #70) 17pp. ISBN 0-86619-312-X

UNDERSTANDING STABILIZED EARTH CONSTRUCTION Alfred Bush An overview of the use of soil as a building material, with specific examples of high- and low-technology applications. (TP #2) 35pp. ISBN 0-86619-201-8; FRENCH 34pp. ISBN


UNDERSTANDING CLAY RECOGNITION AND PROCESSING Miska Petersham Provides an overview of clay categories and processing methods. (TP #13) 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-213-1

UNDERSTANDING SMALL-SCALE CLAY PRODUCTS ENTERPRISE Miska Petersham Provides basic information on acquisition and processing of a clay enterprise. Lists factors to consider in choosing the best technology for your purpose. (TP #14) 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-214-X

UNDERSTANDING SMALL-SCALE PAPER MAKING Jon Vogler & Peter Sarjeant Gives a history of paper making and describes modern paper making techniques. Describes various paper making processes and provides lists concerning equipment, supplies, and staffing. Also lists alternative products from waste paper. (TP #54) 20pp. ISBN 0-86619-271-9 ENERGY

UNDERSTANDING BATTERIES Lee Merriman Provides a basic understanding of batteries and traces their development from the early 1800s to the present day. (TP #25)

18pp. ISBN 0-86619-225-5

UNDERSTANDING BIOGAS PRODUCTION Richard Mattocks Focuses on the production of biogas for fuel, with illustrated descriptions of batch feed and continuous feed digesters. (TP #4) 24pp. ISBN 0-86619-204-2

UNDERSTANDING BRIQUETTING Mac Cosgrove-Davis Describes the process of briquetting combustible materials for fuel. Focuses on simple technologies that can be employed on a small to inter- mediate scale. (TP #31) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-233-6

UNDERSTANDING ENERGY STORAGE METHODS Clyde S. Brooks Presents a critical review of the technical features, state of development, and economics of various energy storage systems and their compatibility with small power plants. (TP #22) 17pp. ISBN 0-86619-222-0

UNDERSTANDING ETHANOL FUEL PRODUCTION AND USE Cliff Bradley & Ken Runnion Describes the production and use of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) as a liquid fuel. (TP #3) 19pp. ISBN 0-86619-203-4

UNDERSTANDING EVAPORATIVE COOLING Eric Rusten Familiarizes the reader with fundamentals of evaporate cooling systems for the home. (TP #35) 42pp. ISBN 0-86619-246-8

UNDERSTANDING HYDROPOWER Walter Eshenaur Gives a broad overview of the use of hydropower. (TP #5) 60pp. ISBN 0-86619-205-0

UNDERSTANDING MICRO-HYDROELECTRIC GENERATION Christopher S. Weaver, P.E. Acquaints the reader with hydropower fundamentals for systems producing fewer than 100 kilowatts of power and a comparison with alternative technologies. (TP #18) 26pp. ISBN 0-86619-219-0

UNDERSTANDING MINI-HYDROELECTRIC GENERATION Christopher S. Weaver, P.E. Lists components and users for plants that produce 100-1,000 kilowatts of power and the skills required to design, build, operate, and maintain such a plant. (TP #19) 29pp. ISBN 0-86619-218-2

UNDERSTANDING PASSIVE COOLING Daniel Halacy Describes household cooling by passive means, including regulation of air flow and sun tracking. (TP #48) 21pp. ISBN 0-86619-265-4 UNDERSTANDING PEDAL POWER David Gorden Wilson Presents a review of the technical features, economics, and various uses of pedal power. (TP #51) 13pp. ISBN 0-86619-268-9

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR CELLS Dennis Elwell & Richard Komp Discussed how solar cells work, what is needed to make a solar- cell system, the costs involved, and the many applications for their use. (TP #69) 16pp. ISBN 0-86619-308-1

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR CONCENTRATORS George M. Kaplan Presents the concept and history, operating principles, and needs served by solar concentrators. Gives design variations and costs of, as well as alternatives to, the technology. (TP #30) 31pp. ISBN 0-86619-239-5

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR COOKERS AND OVENS Dr. Thomas Bowman Outlines the construction, maintenance, and uses of solar cookers and ovens. (TP #36) 26pp. ISBN 0-86619-247-6

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR ENERGY: A GENERAL OVERVIEW Keith Giarman Discusses potential obstacles to the introduction of solar energy in relation to specific solar systems. (TP #23) 26pp. ISBN 0-86619-223-9

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR FOOD DRYERS Roger G. Gregoir, P.E. Describes low-cost dryers for dehydrating foods and discusses factors to be considered in determining the kind of dryer best suited for a particular application. (TP #15) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-215-8

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR STILLS Horace McCracken & Joel Gordes Discusses the construction, maintenance, and uses of solar stills. (TP #37) 45pp. ISBN 0-86619-248-4

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR WATER HEATERS Trinidad Martinez Outlines the construction, maintenance, and uses of solar water heater systems. (TP #49) 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-266-2

UNDERSTANDING SOLAR WATER PUMPS C. J. Swet Provides insight to determine whether solar water pumping is a plausible option for a specific situation. Includes a guide for further investigation. (TP #20) 23pp. ISBN 0-86619-220-4

UNDERSTANDING STERLING ENGINE William Beale Familiarizes the reader with the engines' operation and range f application. (TP #1) 23pp. ISBN 0-86619-200-X

UNDERSTANDING WIND ENERGY Dr. James F. Manwell & Dr. Duane E. Cromack Familiarizes the reader with wind characteristics and applications of wind power. Describes basic wind machine design and discusses equipment, materials, and skill considerations necessary to produce a wind electric system. (TP #11) 32pp. ISBN 0-86619-211-5

UNDERSTANDING WIND ENERGY FOR WATER PUMPING James F. Manwell Explains the necessary steps involved in determining whether wind power is appropriate for a particular situation. (TP #62) 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-281-6

UNDERSTANDING WOOD WASTES AS FUELS Jon Vogler Discusses a variety of ways that waste wood products may be converted to fuel. (TP #46) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-260-3 FOOD PROCESSING

UNDERSTANDING FISH PRESERVATION AND PROCESSING Richard T. Carruthers Presents guidelines for preserving fish by means of salting, smoking, and pickling. (TP #44) 10pp. ISBN 0-86619-258-1

UNDERSTANDING HOME-SCALE PRESERVATION OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES I: CANNING AND FREEZING Eric Rusten Discusses the principles of canning and freezing fruits and vegetables at home, for home use. Fist of a two-part series. (TP #59) 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-278-6


UNDERSTANDING HOME-SCALE PRESERVATION OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES II: DRYING AND CURING Eric Rusten Discusses the principles of drying and curing (smoking or salting) of fruits and vegetables at home, for home use. Second of a two-part series. (TP #60) 21pp. ISBN 0-86619-279-4

UNDERSTANDING PRESSURE EXTRACTION OF VEGETABLE OILS James Casten & Dr. Harry E. Snyder Outlines the procedures and equipment required to extract vegetable oil using presses. (TP #40) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-252-2

UNDERSTANDING SOLVENT EXTRACTION OF VEGETABLE OILS Nathan Kessler Outlines the procedures and equipment required to extract vegetable oil using solvents. (TP #41) 12pp. ISBN 0-86619-253-0

UNDERSTANDING SOYBEAN PRODUCTS AND PROCESSING Harry E. Snyder Production, composition, processing, and products of soybeans. (TP #73) 13pp. ISBN 0-86619-316-2

RECYCLING UNDERSTANDING AGRICULTURAL WASTE RECYCLING Walter Eshenaur Discusses the general theory involved in recycling agricultural wastes and popular methods. (TP #9) 15pp. ISBN 0-86619-209-3

UNDERSTANDING GLASS RECYCLING W. Richard Ott Outlines a scheme for collection, selection, and processing of glass material for recycling. (TP #43) 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-257-3

UNDERSTANDING NON-FUEL USES OF WOOD WASTES Jon Vogler Discusses various methods of utilization wood waste for building materials, cleaning, storage, and other uses. (TP #47) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-261-1

UNDERSTANDING PAPER RECYCLING Jon Vogler & Peter Sarjeant Discusses various components of small-scale paper recycling operations including the economics, equipment, and procedures involved. (TP #53) 16pp. ISBN 0-86619-270-0

UNDERSTANDING SCRAP METAL RECYCLING Jon Vogler Presents an overview of the sources of scrap, the markets into which they can be sold, and the methods, equipment, and skills needed for recycling. (TP #10) 34pp. ISBN 0-86619-210-7



UNDERSTANDING LOW-COST ROAD BUILDING David K. Blythe Outlines planning, equipment, and maintenance requirements for building simple roads. (TP #45) 28pp. ISBN 0-86619-259-X

UNDERSTANDING SMALL-SCALE BRIDGE BUILDING Robert J. Commins Describes three typed of free-standing bridges: beam, arch, and truss. Presents the factors needed to consider the type of bridge best suited for a particular location. (TP #67) 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-306-5



UNDERSTANDING LOW-COST WELL DRILLING Stephen Greenwood Provides information needed to plan the design and location of a well that will supply safe drinking water. (TP #61) 21pp. ISBN 0-86619-280-8

UNDERSTANDING POTABLE WATER STORAGE Charles M. Ritter Discusses considerations for volume of short-term storage of potable water, and describes construction methods and materials for a variety of storage tanks. Also addresses water quality considerations. (TP #29) 19pp. ISBN 0-8619-238-7

UNDERSTANDING SANITATION AT THE COMMUNITY LEVEL Bruce P. Davis Discusses the maintenance and provision of safe water supply, safe liquid and solid waste disposal, and sanitary food supply at the community level. (TP #56) 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-273-5

UNDERSTANDING SEWAGE TREATMENT AND DISPOSAL Hank Stonerook Presents some of the options for relatively small-scale sewage treatment and handling. (TP #6) 20pp. ISBN 0-86619-206-9

UNDERSTANDING WATER SUPPLY: GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Joe Remmers Provides basic information and data for consideration in the development safe, economical, and practical community water systems. (TP #28) 11pp. ISBN 0-86619-231-X

UNDERSTANDING WATER SUPPLY AND TREATMENT FOR INDIVIDUAL AND SMALL COMMUNITY SYSTEMS Stephen A. Hubbs Provides guidelines on how to choose a water source, and how to purify and retrieve water to ensure its safety for human consumption. (TP #32) 18pp. ISBN 0-86619-240-9

UNDERSTANDING WATER WELLS William Ashe Explains how to dig a well hat provides safe drinking water. Intended to help people decide what type of well is best suited for them and whether a hand-dug well or drilled well is within their means. (TP #68) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-307-3



UNDERSTANDING PRIMARY HEALTH CARE FOR A RURAL POPULATION James E. Herrington, Jr., M.P.H. Summary of the Primary Health Care system, and the basic alternative. (TP #21) 22pp. ISBN 0-86619-221-2

UNDERSTANDING SMALL-SCALE PAINT PRODUCTION Philip Heiberger Describes how to start or expand a paint manufacturing facility in a nonindustrial country, including skills, equipment, personnel, and marketing considerations. (TP #66) 14pp. ISBN 0-86619-305-7



Designed for people who have no technical background, this series offers information on existing ways of improving the technology of food processing and increasing the quality and range of foodstuffs produced. While not providing instructions for actual processing, these source books are intended to increase awareness of the range of technological options and sources of expertise, indicate the complex nature of designing and successfully implementing technology projects and diffusion program, and provide material for those training in this area. The series has been prepared by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and Intermediate Technology in recognition of women's special roles in these processes. Each book in the series cost $15.00 and is available in English only.

OIL PROCESSING Vegetable oil is critical to the well-being of many rural communities as a source of concentrated energy; and production of the oil, along with secondary products such as soap and animal feed, can provide an important source of income for rural women. The traditional methods of oil extraction are slow and arduous, however, and this book offers invaluable guidance to the selection of appropriate equipment for small businesses, highlighting the pros and cons of introducing new technologies through case studies and technical information about each type of machine. Paperback. September 1993. 48pp. ISBN 1 85339 134 4

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PROCESSING Fruit and vegetable processing is a vast subject and this book offers the nonspecialist an insight into the ranges of methods and equipment available for preserving products, as well as indicating the hazards to beware of when setting up a small food- processing business. Successful community-based enterprises are described in a number of case studies, and there is an extensive further reading list for reference once a particular process or technology has been selected. Paperback. September 1993. 72pp. ISBN 1 85339 135 2

FISH PROCESSING Fish is often the cheapest form of animal protein, and small- scale fisheries play an important role in rural communities by providing this vital source of nutrition. Fish is highly perishable, and so must be processed to inhibit deterioration. This can be done on a small scale by smoking, drying, salting, and fermentation. While the fishing is usually done by men, women are responsible for processing the fish, a fact often overlooked by consultants and field workers when improved technology is introduced. This book describes traditional methods of fish processing and examines improved techniques through case studies and examples of equipment which in most cases can be constructed locally. Paperback. September 1993. 80pp. ISBN 1 85339 137 9

CEREAL PROCESSING Cereal processing can be said to incorporate three stages: harvesting, which includes threshing and winnowing in preparation for storage of the cereal grain; primary processing, which involves further treatment of the grain such as hulling and milling; and secondary processing, which includes processes such as baking or fermenting that make the grain suitable for human consumption. This book focuses on the processing of four cereals -- maize (or corn), rice (or paddy), sorghum, and wheat which are important foodstuffs around the world -- looking at traditional and improved methods and equipment, especially threshers, mills, and hullers. Paperback. February 1994. 72pp. ISBN 1 85339 136 0

ROOT CROP PROCESSING Root crops are a cheap, readily available and essential food in many poor communities and therefore are often the main part of a meal, particularly where cereals are unavailable. In most countries the family meals are usually prepared by women, and local processing of root crops is often an important part of women's daily work. This book covers the most common methods of processing potato, cassava, sweet potato, yam and edible arid crops. Particular emphasis is placed on cassava which often requires special treatment to make it fit for human consumption. Included are basic food science principles, traditional and improved small-scale processing methods, case studies about introducing improved technologies, and sources of further information. Paperback. October 1993. 76pp. ISBN 1 85339 138 7



The following profiles provide basic information for starting manufacturing plans in developing nations. They provide general plant description, financial and technical factors for their operation, and sources of information expertise. Dollar values are listed only for machinery and equipment costs, and are primarily based on equipment in the United States. The price does not include shipping costs or import-export taxes, which must be considered and will vary greatly from country to country. No other investment costs are included (such as land value, building rental, labor, etc.) as those prices also vary.

The series is intended to be useful in determining whether the industries described warrant further inquiry either to rule out or to decide upon investment. The underlying assumption of the Profiles is that the individual making use of them already has some knowledge and experience in industrial development. The Before an investment is made in a plant, a feasibility study should be conducted. Each Profile contains a list of questions to which answers must be obtained before proceeding with implementation of an industrial project.

All Profiles are available in English only. They cost $9.95 each, 3 for $25.00, or the entire set of 19 Profiles can be purchased for $150.00.

BAKED, LEAVENED BREADS Richard J. Bess Describes a small bakery operating with a single shift and producing 100 tons of baked products a year. It also describes a medium-sized plant operation on the same basis but producing 250 tons of baked goods a year. (IP #19) 6pp. ISBN 0-86619-321-9

BLUE JEANS Edward Hochberg Describes one plant operating with one shift and making 15,000 dozens of blue jeans a year and another that produces 22,000 dozens a year. (IP #6) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-293-X

DIMENSION HARDWOOD Nicolas Engalichev Describes a medium-sized mill operating with one shift that produces 4,500 cubic meters of dimension hardwood per year. Some information is also provided for a mill twice as large. (IP #16) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-303-0

FISH OIL AND FISH MEAL S. Divakaran Describes two plants. The first is a 20-ton per day plant operating with an eight-hour shift and producing 8,000 tons of fish meal and 4,000 tons of fish oil a year. The second is an 40- ton plant operating an eight-hour shift and producing 8,000 tons of fish oil and 16,000 tons of meal per year. (IP #8) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-295-6

GLASS CONTAINERS (BATCH PROCESS) William B. Hillig Describes small batch production plants with a work force of 10 to 50 people that produce 500 to 25,000 containers per day. (IP #18) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-320-0

GLUCOSE FROM CASSAVA STARCH Peter K. Carrell Describes a plant that can operate 250 days a year on a three- shift continuous basis and produce 2,500 tons of glucose syrup. (IP #17) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-311-1

LIQUID PETROLEUM GAS Jon I. Voltz Describes two plants, operating with three sifts for 52 weeks per year. The smaller has an annual manufacturing capacity of 2,200,000 barrels; the larger plant has an annual capacity of 4,400,000 barrels. (IP #10) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-297-2

MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS Edward Hochberg Describes one small plant operating with one shift and manufacturing 15,000 dozen men's dress shirts a year. It also describes a larger plant running a single shift and manufacturing 22,000 dozen shirts a year. (IP #3) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-290-5

MEN'S WASH AND WEAR PANTS Edward Hochberg Describes one plant operating with one shift and producing 15,000 dozens pairs of pants a year, and another that produces 22,000 dozens a year. (IP #4) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-291-3

MEN'S WASH AND WEAR SHIRTS Edward Hochberg Describes a plant operating with one shift and manufacturing 15,000 dozen men's wash and wear shirts a year, and another that manufactures 22,000 dozen shirts a year. (IP #5) 7pp. ISBN 0-86619-292-1

MEN'S WORK SHIRTS Edward Hochberg Describes one plant operating with one shift and manufacturing 15,000 dozen men's shirts a year. It also describes a larger plant running a single shift and producing 22,000 dozen shirts a year. (IP #2) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-289-1

PAINT MANUFACTURING Philip Heiberger Describes a small plant that will serve local needs, mainly in the trade-sales sector. Its output may exceed 4,000 liters per week. (IP #14) 10pp. ISBN 0-86619-301-4

PORTABLE METALLIC STOVE Andre Charette Describes a facility that accommodates two workers, a work table, and storage of materials and products. The hammer and chisel method permits production of five stoves daily. The tooling-aids permit production of up to 25 units daily. (IP #12) 9pp. ISBN 0-86619-299-9

PORTLAND CEMENT Dave F. Smith & Alfred Bush Describes a small plant producing 35,000 metric tons of cement a year. (IP #13) 10pp. ISBN 0-86619-300-6

ROUGH-SAWN LOGS Nicolas Engalichev Describes plants (sawmills) operation with one swift that can produce 10,000 and 30,000 cubic meters of product per year. (IP #15) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-302-2

SMALL CERAMICS PLANT Victor R. Palmeri Describes a small plant operating with one shift and producing 16,000 pieces a year. Also describes a medium-sized plant with a single shift producing about 80,000 units a year. (IP #11) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-298-0

STARCH, OIL, AND FEED FROM SORGHUM GRAIN Peter K. Carrell Describes a small plant operating with three shifts on a seven- day work schedule and processing about 200 tons on sorghum a day. Two shifts are down per week for maintenance. Facility may be considered a heavy industry because of the emission from the boiler and dryers and the noise from its high speed machinery. (IP #9) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-296-4

UNFERMENTED GRAPE JUICE George Rubin Describes a plant operating with one shift and producing 125,000 gallons of grape juice a year, and another that produces 260,000 gallons a year. (IP #7) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-294-8

WOMEN'S BROADCLOTH DRESSES Edward Hochberg Describes a plant operating with one shift and manufacturing 72,000 women's dress a year (1,440/week,288/day). It also describes a larger plant running a single shift producing 104,000 dresses a year. (IP #1) 8pp. ISBN 0-86619-288-3



INTERNET RESOURCE GUIDE FOR INTERACTION MEMBERS/THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE This publication (approximately 60 pages) discusses development- related resources available on the Internet and means for accessing this information of special interest to NGOs. Many examples are provided. In addition, it describes common Internet tools such as TELNET, FTP, WAIS, GOPHER and WORLD WIDE WEB. Innovative means for connecting with remote southern partners, through the VITACOMM suite of technologies, is also covered. A glossary is included. A 3.5" HD diskette is attached with additional information resources downloaded from the Internet (in DOS, ascii format). The Guide is jointly produced by InterAction and VITA. $12.00



These tapes were edited from the Developing Country Workshop at INET '93 in San Francisco, sponsored by the Internet Society and with support from the National Science Foundation. Each tape contains up to two hours of material and is offered in VHS/NTSC format. (Contact VITA for information about other formats as well as for bulk purchase discounts.) All tapes are in English and contain approximately two hours run-time each after extensive editing. In some cases, written documentation accompanies the tapes. While audio and content quality are generally very good, buyers should be aware that workshops were not originally planned for videotaping sessions.

BASIC TECHNICAL TRACK These tapes (five in all) provide training designed for network technicians and technical staff in fundamental concepts. It focuses on establishing a basic regional network presence. This initial presence could then be upgraded to full Internet connectivity. Part 1 -- Modems; Part 1a -- Modems (continued); Part 2 -- UUCP and WAFFLE; Part 2a -- UUCP and WAFFLE (continued); Part 3 -- Non-Technical Aspects of Provision Network Services.

INTERNET SERVICES TRACK This segment (thirteen tapes) provides information on how to provide connectivity to the Internet for access to specialists, network resources, and databases. Users of these tapes will include librarians, development professionals, and information specialists working in government, higher education, and non- governmental organizations (NGOs). Part 1 -- History and Composition of the Internet; Part 2 -- Representative "Telemonitoring" Services (GNET); Part 3 -- Introduction to Gopher, Worldwide WEB, USENETNEWS, WAIS, MOSAIC, FTP, TELNET; Part 4 -- Addressing and Gateways; Part 5 -- Other Services: FINGER, USENET, WHITEPAGES, FINDING BITNET ADDRESSES, DISTRIBUTED DIRECTORY SERVICES; Part 6 -- Email and Email-Based Services: Aliases, Maintaining Mailing Lists (LISTSERVE) Domain Name System, Newsgroups; Part 7 -- NEWS READERS; Part 8 -- GOPHER/VERONICA AND WAIS (IN-DEPTH); Part 9 -- WORLDWIDE WEB (IN- DEPTH); Part 10 -- ARCHIE/FTP (IN-DEPTH); Part 11 -- Information Delivery Via Libraries, Automating Circulation, Bibliographic Systems; Part 12 -- Conferencing Software: VAXNOTE, COSY, CAUCUS, LOTUS NOTES; Part 13 -- Miscellaneous Topics: HYTELNET, OCLC, MELVYL

ADVANCED TECHNICAL TRACK Fifteen tapes discuss a variety of advanced networking topics based on the "Internet protocol," TCP/IP. These tapes provide information on how to install and operate low cost Internet links and topics in philosophy and administration as well as host, router, and physical link operation. Part 1 -- Introduction to TCP/IP; Part 2 -- How to Get Network Addresses: The "Internic"; Part 3 -- KA9Q and Other Routers; Part 4 -- Subnetworking/Mapping IP Addresses to Physical Addresses, Host Masters, Nameservers (NSLOOKUP); Part 5 -- Domain Name System; Part 6 -- Mail Transport: SMTP, MIME; Part 7 -- Dial-up IP: PPP, SLIP, POP, SPOP, NUPOP; Part 8 -- NOCOL, SENDMAIL, SMAIL; Part 9 -- Debugging Tools: DIG, Trace, Route, Whois, Ping; Part 10 -- Interface Drivers, Packet Drivers; Part 11a -- Routing Interfaces, Tables, Border Gateway Protocols; Part 11b -- Routing Interfaces, Tables, Border Gateway Protocols (continued); Part 12 -- Net News Transfer Protocol; Part 13 -- Cisco Router Configuration Details; Part 14 -- Network Design Examples (Students)

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