1. 01/08/1984 Several types of hives and their construction will be described but it must always be kept in mind that availability of materials is of extreme importance. There are places where lumber is readily available at reasonable prices and, certainly, if it is termite-proof or termite-proofed it is the...
  2. 01/07/2003 This is a collection of articles on beekeeping with information on the basics, differenct styles of hives such as frame hives and top-bar hives, and other information on bees in the tropics. 2 Copies
  3. This handbook provides all the information required to start beekeeping. With a good understanding of their behaviour and by practising the methods described in this book, the bees will react in a friendly way toward you.
  4. The objective for this publication is that you'd have a basic well-rounded understanding of beepkeeping and what it involves, a greater appreciation for bees and their role in nature, and how beneficial keeping bees can be as a livelihood.
  5. Step-by-step instructions to build your own round hive. Published under this title and also Beekeeping Simplified.