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Composting toilet (CT) technology is not new to Vanuatu. Before independence, some of the rural schools on Ambae and North Efate, like Onesua, were using these toilets. The CT design in this manual was adapted from a toilet used in Tonga, Kiribati and Fiji. There are many advantages CTs have over pit, VIP, water sealed toilets and septic systems.

  • They do not smell when properly maintained.
  • They do not pollute the environment or groundwater.
  • They do not need to be moved when full.
  • They do not use water.
  • They are cheaper to build compared to septic systems.
  • There is no bad smelling unhygienic septic waste to remove and dispose of.
  • They require no digging of pits since they are built on top of the ground, except for the evapotranspiration (ET) beds for treating the urine/liquid.
  • They can be built anywhere.