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Note: This schedule may vary slightly from class to class.


Monday: Foundations of Tropical Agriculture Opening

  • ECHO staff devotions, welcome, introductions, ECHO history/mission/services
  • Challenges facing the small scale farmer (these will be addressed in subsequent sessions throughout the week)'
  • Overview of tropical agriculture- climate, crops, geography, tour of agroecological zones represented on ECHO's Global Demonstration Farm
  • Understanding the poverty mentality

Tuesday: Soil and Water

  • Introduction to soils and soil life
  • Land care and soil restoration
  • Water for agriculture
  • Building soil fertility with compost and vermiculture

Wednesday: Plants for the tropics

  • Underutilized Tropical Crops
  • Harvesting & Using Underutilized Tropical Crops
  • Survey of Tropical Fruit
  • Activity options (technique workshops, staff consult or library study time)

Thursday: Farming Practices and Systems

  • Basic botany for gardening
  • Principles and practices of a small scale farm
  • Animal production systems
  • Urban agriculture

Friday: Tools for Development

  • Appropriate technology survey
  • Seed resources
  • Principles of community development
  • How to join and contribute to ECHO's network
  • Closing remarks