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  1. A. P. Minkeni This publication includes information on preparation and pretreatment of different fruit and vegetable types of drying, how to dry these using simple solar dryers, proper storage of dried fruit and vegetables, and recipes for dried fruit and vegetables. 23 pages, illustrated, photos
    664.028 MIN
  2. Prepared under the direction of the Solar Energy subcommittee of the Midwest Plan Service. 86 pages, illustrated
    633.104 MID
  3. Ray Wolf Solar food drying is the healthy, sustainable way to preserve high-quality, locally grown foods.Food dryinghas become very popular in recent years, with electric food dryers now available in most every department store. But instead of using costly electricity for the job, you can easily build...
    641.44 ROD
  4. This survey was primarily directed at helping stimulate solar drying technology for the least advanced sectors of our society. Most of the infrmation contained is designed to assist the researcher of the user of this technology working in rural developing areas. No page numbers, illustrated...
    641.44 BRA
  5. Sompong Boonthumjinda et al This handbook has been written as a guide to the construction of the rice dryer developed in the project. It is a translation from the original which was written in Thai and is based on experience gained in the field during the wet season of 1982.
    633.186 SOM
  6. G. Patterson et al This publication tells how to build a solar dryer and how to use it.
    641.44 PAT
  7. This publication presents an introduction to the basic theories of solar drying and outlines the principal operating features of the main solar dryer designs, including a detailed description of the construction and operation of the three most common dryer types. It provides guidelines on...
    660.284 BRE
  8. Laura S. Meitzner, Martin L. Price. This is a book of practical ideas. It is written for people who help those who live and make their living under difficult conditions in the tropics and subtropics. What should a development worker do to assist a community? There are no simple answers, but there are many possibilities—plants,...
    633.091 MEI | PI.007, PI.008
  9. Carl Lindblad & Laurel Druben This Peace Corps book provides information on the challenges of grain storage including drying methods, insects, rodents, moisture meters, and waterproofing. No page numbers, illustrated 2 copies
    633.104 LIN | FA.012
  10. Jeff Conant & Pam Fadem From water quality to social inequality, from raising crops to rising temperatures, how we use natural resources affects our health and well-being. This highly-illustrated guide will help health promoters, educators, community leaders and ordinary people take charge of their communities'...
    362.196 CON