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  1. Carl Lindblad & Laurel Druben This Peace Corps book provides information on the challenges of grain storage including drying methods, insects, rodents, moisture meters, and waterproofing. No page numbers, illustrated 2 copies
    633.104 LIN | FA.012
  2. 633.1 FAO
  3. Keith O. Mikkelson 97 pages, illustrated, photos Una de las mejores cosas que uno puede hacer para completar su finca o huerto sostenible es balancearla con una pequeña unidad de ganadería. “La integración del ganado es el elemento fundamental #10 en mi libro “Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics.” Si lee las...
    636 MIK
  4. Mejía-Lorío, D., Howell, M. & Arancibia, A. The Technical manual for the construction and use of family-sized metal silos to store cereals and grain legumes was produced in the Division of Rural Infrastructure and Agro-industries (AGS) of FAO as a significant technical contribution to preventing losses in the post-harvest phase of grains...
  5. Edited by Kenneth C. Gross, Chien Yi Wang, and Mikal Saltveit Agriculture Handbook 66 (AH-66) represents a complete revision and major expansion of the 1986 edition. It has been reorganized and now includes 17 Chapters and 138 Commodity Summaries written by nearly a hundred experts in plant science and postharvest technology. This version, like the previous...

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