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  1. ‘SF459’ is also a short-day variety of kenaf that is resistant to southern root-knot nematode and several soil-borne fungal diseases in Florida.
  2. ‘Champion’ produces bright red radishes with strong tops for upland soils. This open-pollinated variety requires 28 days until harvest and is good for bunching and shipping.
  3. 'Haba' is a lima bean from Dominican Republic that is highly sought after. It grows well and is productive even in poor soils. Ivory colored seeds with purple mottling.
  4. ‘Scarlet Nantes' are open-pollinated carrots are nearly coreless, orange, averaging 15 cm long and mature in about 75 days. This is perhaps the best variety for cooler areas in the tropics or highland areas and also does well in clay soil.
  5. 'Amiga' is a stylo best suited to the hot tropics with 600-1,700 mm rainfall in a growing season of 15-25 weeks. Caribbean stylo is tolerant of acidic soils, but is limited to low altitude regions because it is subject to frost damage.
  6. 'Tong Ho' is a variety of edible chrysanthemum. Edible chrysanthemum is also known as shungiku or garland chrysanthemum. 'Tong Ho' produces large, smooth leaves that add flavor to stir-fries, soups and salads; great spicy, sweet, aromatic taste. It also produces lovely yellow flowers. Sow 0.6 cm...

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