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  1. Figure 11.Burning briquettes to heat water for a dry cleaning business.Source: Keith Flanagan
  2. Figure 7. Raise dikes to a height of one meter. When water floods your paddies it will be collected.
  3. Figure 1. The first reservoir dug for water storage, in a square shape.
  4. Table 1: Results of the filter paper test in the papaya herbicide treated soils (M), pineapple herbicide (P) treated soils, and water control treated soils (C) accross three replications. The decomposition is the difference between the starting weight and ending weight; we take a higher number in...
  5. Figure 4: Soil conservation terracing on hillsides to decrease erosion from both large storms and annual plowing (Source: Brian Flanagan).
  6. Figure 8. Surface area/pine biochars
  7. Figures 8 & 9. When there is abundant water, vegetable crops, and trees, your farm will always be lush.
  8. Figure 5. In irrigation ditches, frogs can be raised for consumption and sale. Plant water hyacinths to improve the water. Rice straw mushrooms can also be cultivated in the baskets.
  9. Figure 3. Herbicide removal by a representative range of simulated traditional kiln charcoals
  10. Figure 8. Damage to the weeds after 4 applications of the alternative herbicide treatments, photo taken on July 17th, 2015. Front row, left to right: Plot treated with pineapple herbicide, water control, papaya herbicide. Middle row, left to right: Plot treated with water control, pineapple...