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  1. 2013-07-20 Job’s tears is a 1 to 2 m tall grass thought to originate from Southeast Asia. It is found throughout most of the tropics, often in wild stands along ditches and streams. Depending on the variety, the seeds are yellow, purple or brown and are often tearshaped; hence, the name “Job’s tears.” There...  
  2. 2010-10-20 Tim Tanner shared some details about how he and his family have cooked and eaten moringa seed pods.  
  3. 1996-10-19 Zai Holes Harness Termites to Increase Crop Yields Grass Mulch: An Innovative Way of Gardening in the Dry Tropics Colored Plastic Mulches Thick Mulch for No-Till Gardens Rice Hull Mulch  
  4. 2015-01-20 Storing seeds in the tropics can often be difficult; with high temperatures and humid conditions, seeds lose their ability to germinate quickly. Many techniques for seed storage exist, from the high-tech standards of gene banks to simple methods used by villagers for saving their own seeds. All...  
  5. 1993-12-19 A method for rearing the insect that yields the red dye, carmine.  
  6. 1993-12-19 More information about using Moringa seeds for water treatment.  
  7. 2010-10-20 Experiences promoting use of moringa in Tanzania  
  8. 2007-04-20 In observation trials, each variety is grown in only one plot of ground. Observations from such trials are not as conclusive as with replication. As long as site conditions are fairly uniform, however, they give the experimenter a pretty good idea of likely “losers” and “winners.”  
  9. 2010-10-20 Drying seeds in preparation for storage and maintaining dry conditions in storage both help prevent the growth and harmful effects of mold on seed viability.