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  1. AccessAgriculture Training Video By making best use of farmers’ friends and local plants on the farm, nature will help you control the fall armyworm and reward you with a good and healthy crop. Amharic Arabic Bangla Chichewa English French Hindi Kiembu Kiswahili Portuguese Spanish Tamil Tumbuka...  
  2. AccessAgriculture Training Video Legumes like cowpea or soya bean are a source of protein, essential to build children’s muscles. Legumes also have oil, which helps children to put on weight. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that are important for the development of your...  
  3. AccessAgriculture Training Video What steps can be taken to make sure that locally grown rice can compete against imports? Improving quality which can lead to increased profits for farmers. Ateso Chichewa English French Kiswahili Luganda Lugbara Luo Runyakitara  
  4. AccessAgriculture Training Video With grafting, a young shoot from a preferred mango variety is attached to a seedling. The seedling will develop the root and base of the tree. This is called the rootstock. The young shoot that is grafted onto the rootstock is called the scion. This will develop...  
  5. AccessAgriculture Training video In fact, onions can be stored for many months, if they are: • of a good variety, • fertilised properly, • harvested, dried, and stored the right way. Arabic Bambara Bariba Dagbani Dendi English Ewe Fon French Hausa Kusaal Mina Twi Yoruba  
  6. AccessAgriculture Training Video Based on hard real-life experience, the women of Maria village have devised some very effective techniques for seed preservation. So why not learn from some of these innovative women. Ateso Bangla Chichewa English French Kiswahili Luganda Lugbara Luo Runyakitara  
  7. AccessAgriculture Training Video During the lean season, tomatoes become very scarce and consumers buy canned tomatoes at high prices or no longer eat tomatoes. But by processing tomatoes into concentrate, you can use it for one year. And tomato juice can be used for 2 to 3 weeks.  
  8. AccessAgriculture Training Video Ticks are small creatures like insects that attach to the body of animals to suck their blood. Ticks cause diseases like skin lesions. The animals will become skinny and no longer produce milk. English French Hausa Peulh Fulfuldé Yoruba  
  9. AccessAgriculture Training Video It is very important to have a product that doesn’t change, that is of the same quality, the same taste, the same colour and that is well presented. Bambara Chichewa English Fon French Kikuyu Kiswahili Luo Sena Twi Yao Yoruba  
  10. AccessAgriculture Training Video Bean leaves are rich in proteins and vitamins. To have them available during the dry season, you can dry and store them.