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  1. 1975-01-01 511 pages, illustrated, photos  
  2. 1960-01-01 This book deals with the internal structure of extant seed plants. Angiosperms are emphasized, but the features of the vegetative parts of gymnosperms also are reviewed. For the angiosperms the anatomy of the flower, fruit, and seed is described in the concluding chapters.  
  3. Let the garden experts at Rodale help you create your most successful garden ever. Learn how to use natural and chemical-free methods to grow vegetables and fruit, perennials, annuals, bulbs, herbs, and trees and shrubs and maintain your landscape all year-round. Now thoroughly revised and...  
  4. Nell Znamierowski brings a freshness to her designs which show the influence of studies in Finland and in the mountains of Greece, Step-by-step instructions introduce the novice to the frame and four harness looms. The dyeing of yarns, using both commercial and natural dyes, is explored. A Rya...  
  5. 1988-01-01 An easy-to-use handbook for development workers interested in exploring agroforestry practices with their local communities with special reference to low rainfall areas. 68 pages, ilustrations, photos  
  6. 1991-09-16 24 pages, illustrated  
  7. 2001-01-01 The riveting memoirs of the outstanding moral and political leader of our time. 208 pages, illustrated, photos  
  8. Consistent with CRC policy, this 26th Edition of the CRC Standard Mathematical Tables follows the tradition of its predecessors. The reorganization of the 25th Edition, with its new multiscetional format, is found in this 26th Edition. The customary material contained in earlier editions, plus...
  9. 1996-04-01 38 pages, illustrated, photos  
  10. The integration of tree & other farming can establish a sounder ecological balance & greater productivity of food & materials for clothing, fuel & shelter. The book suggests planting & cropping methods, & a range of potentially useful trees.