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  1. The author has spent much of his life investigating solar cookers and educating people how to build and use solar cookers. Included in the book are the directions to build his solar cooker - the SunStar.  
  2. This book deals mainly with the edible mature seeds of leguminous plants which belong to the family of Leguminosae. Included are chapters on the history of legumes, production and consumption, seed structure and composition, toxic constitutents in legumes, methods of processing and cooking...  
  3. This directory is the second part of the one published in 1981 which included cacoa, coconut, pepper, sugarcane and tea. Beet is included here, for the purpose of the IBPGR directories, although stricktly speaking it could belong in the root and tubers and in vegetables directories. Also included...  
  4. The primary thrust of the book is morphology-taxonomy, but also includes interesting and important activities of fungi.  
  5. This publication covers, drainage investigations, design criteria and parameters, engineering, maintenance, and cost factors.  
  6. The objective of this manual is for guinea pig farmers, its objective being to reinforce knowledge acquired in the Family Guinea Pig Breeding Program.  
  7. Inspired by the French tradition of teaching children to appreciate fresh and healthful foods, The Children's Kitchen Garden offers a new approach to gardening, cooking, and learning that brings children and adults together.  
  8. This handbook presents ideas and techniques which can be used for third world development to communicate, educate and train people.  
  9. Understanding Rootsuncovers one of the greatest mysteries underground―the secret lives and magical workings of the roots that move and grow invisibly beneath our feet. Roots, it seems, do more than just keep a plant from falling over: they gather water and nutrients, exude wondrous elixirs to...  
  10. The book is both a starting point for those with little experience of visual aids, and a rich source of new ideas for those who already use a variety of visual aids.