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  1. 1979-03-01 This circular describes a long-lived perennial pasture legume that is officially released by the Universityof Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. The release is the culmination of 14 years of research and observations beginning with a few seeds planted in a tropical legume...  
  2. 2008-01-01 This compendium brings together the results of scientific research on the NERICA varieities, ranging from the choice of land to planting, integrated crop and pest management, harvest and post-harvest operations, agro-processing technologies and NERICA nutritional quality, and adoption impact on...  
  3. This booklet includes information on the new disease-resistant FHIA-25 cooking banana.  
  4. Mark's tales take us on a 60 year journey, from suburban Minneapolis to the heart of Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer in the early1980s. Along the way we discover what we have lost, and what the Central African villagers can help us to reclaim. With food as the central thread, this book is a...  
  5. 1957-01-01 This book is concerned mainly with how people in tropical and underdeveloped countries can be stimulated and helped to develop their own local communities. It covers agencies, aims and approaches, methods and techniques, and some criteria.  
  6. 1975-01-01 This publication includes information on plants that can be used as remedies. 24 pages  
  7. 2005-03-01 This bulletin discusses a whole farm ecological approach of management practices in designing an improved system that integrates ecological pest management into other aspects of crop and soil management. Sustainable Agriculture Network 20 pages, illustrated, photos  
  8. 2004-02-01 This bulletin will provide you with a jumping-off point to diversify your farm, from choosing the right new crops to managing them successfully. Sustainable Agriculture Network 20 pages, illustrated, photos  
  9. 2003-05-01 This bulletinprofiles successful direct marketers across the country and includes tips about how to start a number of alternative agricultural marketing enterprises. Sustainable Agriculture Network 20 pages, illustrated, photos  
  10. 2006-01-01 This publication includes information on soil fertility, earthworms, cover cropping, compost, mulching and intensive beds.