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  1. Included in this notebook is information on preventative maintenance and troubleshooting, fuel and ignition systems of small gas engines. Notebook, no page numbers, illustrated  
  2. 1975-01-01 This booklet is designed to help hog raisers spot health problems before they start. DIscussions about diseases are limited to what the grower can detect from careful observation of the animals in his herd, not from looking at postmortem specimens. 23 pages, illustrated, tables  
  3. 1982-03-01 This booklet looks at the fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts & sees, spices, and roots of Jamaica. it includes a description of each and uses of each. It also looks at herbal remedies. 34 pages, illustrated  
  4. 1989-11-01 This report looks at mycotoxicoses and animal health, mycotoxins and human health, occurrence of mycotoxins in food and feeds and the economic impact of mycotoxins and how to control and manage them. 91 pages, illustrated Task Force Report, no. 116  
  5. 2009-01-01 This publication includes desciptions of medicinal plants, and a list of plants and their uses. No page numbers, illustrated  
  6. This publication includes directions on planting, caring for, and using Moringa oleifera. 30 pages, drawings, sketches, captions from various pamphlets  
  7. 2006-02-01 Anamed has produced this reader as a resource for those people who would like to grow and use the neem tree that has so many uses. 38 pages Anamed no. 117  
  8. This booklet looks at AIDS, its symptoms and prevention. 43 pages  
  9. 1974-01-01 The Committee on Amino Acids of the Food and Nutrition Board was initially established to consider the merit of amino acid fortification of food stuffs in the American diet. This study led to this report in which information about amino acid requirements, amino acid intakes of the US population,...  
  10. 1966-01-01 A special emphasis of the book is more detailed attention than given in other text-books of physiology to the body's many regulatory systems. It is these that provide what physiologists call homeostasis. The reason for this special emphasis is that most disease conditions of the body are manifest...