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  1. 1993-01-01 Electricity and electronics are very broad fields. But in this manual, the prime interest is in electricity and electronics as they are commonly used in mobile machines. No page numbers, illustrated  
  2. 1974-01-01 Heat your home with the sun, use the wind to make electricity, power your shop or home with a water wheel and many more ideas. 374 pages, illustrated  
  3. This handbook tells how to guard against infection of bean crops, how to identify each of the principal bean diseases, and what control praactices are currently used. Recommended bean varieties that have proved to be immune to certain diseases are discussed.  
  4. In the preceeding sections, scouting procedures (grower's eye in the field) based on research and past experience have been outlined.  
  5. 2011-01-01 Pumps as Turbines: A user’s guideis a practical handbook for engineers and technicians involved in designing and installing small water-power schemes for isolated houses and communities. It concerns the use of standard pump units as a low-cost alternative to conventional turbines to provide...  
  6. 1995-01-01 The current design offered in this manual has evolved from the Bangladesh original into a fully portable pump with both lift and pressure capacity, and is expecially appropriate to situations where soils are permeable and water cannot easily be distributed through channels. The manual is intended...  
  7. 1975-01-01 The purpose of this book is to give 5 basic projects which you can do in your home without any special hard-to-use tools or any hard-to-get materials. We want to show you the way to construct these machines, so you learn the principles and can then apply them to our demonstrated projects or to...  
  8. 1974-01-01 Investigates the underlying principles and potential of new approaches to small-scale power production involving wind, water, organic wastes, wood, and solar energy. 322 pages, illustrated  
  9. 1991-07-01 The MCC Rower pump is a simple and low cost means of drawing water for irrigation or household use. Presented here is a simplified West African version of the pump, purposely designed for local production by a village blacksmith or craftsperson, using hand tools only. 36 pages, illustrated  
  10. 1986-01-01 This sourcebook is a preliminary effort to prepare a reference book which covers many of the aspects of planning and implementing micro-hydropower schemes in developing countries. 285 pages, illustrated, photos