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  1. The major purpose of this handbook is to describe low-cost activities that can be locally developed by villagers. This second edition aims at helping to generate village-improvement in many nations through listing additional ideas, methods and materials that have proven useful in villages...  
  2. This is a good book for students studying psychology, counseling, human and mental health. The book provided much needed information and skills for these fields.  
  3. 1990-01-01 This publication includes chapters on the perennial sesbanias, establishment and management, fodder, wood, soil improvement and alley farming, food and other uses, and seed production. 40 pgs, illus  
  4. In preparing this 4th ediction, the authors have sought to provide a text for medical students, a useful volume for undergraduate and graduate students, and a review for graduate practicing physicians who wish to remain au courant with developments in biochemistry.  
  5. The purpose of this Compendium is to aid plant pathologists and other agricultural workers in the diagnosis of alfalfa diseases. It is designed especially for extension or advisory plant pathologistwho have access to a microscope and for pathologists whom have limited experience with alfalfa...  
  6. 1988-01-01 These proceedings include assessment of research and development with systems of land use that involve tree species. Discussions ranged from genetic resources and germplasm improvement to soil constraints and socioeconomic systems that enhance agroforestry development.  
  7. 1984-01-01 This volume consists of full length manuscripts of 159 of the 165 invited papers presented at World Soybean Research Conference III that was held in the Scheman Continuing Education Building at Iowa State University.  
  8. The Haitian Nutrition curriculum was developed under CSREES-USDA to address the nutrition and health needs of Haitian women who are pregnant, breastfeeding and/or mothers of children under five.  
  9. 1975-01-01 This booklet is based on Australian experience in tropical pasture improvement and the success of these pastures in Australia is ample proof that the principles and practice of these methods is sound. It is hoped that it will assist landholders in similar climates in countries overseas.  
  10. This booklet is intended as a guide to the field recognition of cowpea pests and disease for use by agricultural research and extension staff and cowpea producers.